Resident Evil Vendetta Is Getting A Free PSVR Experience

Virtual existence and zombies go together like video games and…well, zombies. They were done for any other. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is still one of a best VR games to date on any height so any time this authorization gets another sip of VR integrity it’s good news. Unfortunately this time it’s not in a form of an tangible new square of gaming content.

This time around Capcom is formulating a giveaway PSVR knowledge for a arriving CG movie, Resident Evil Vendetta. In a weird turn for a series, in this knowledge we don’t take on a purpose of any of a franchise’s many renouned characters, though instead assume a purpose of one of a walking undead. Judging by a promotional art work, it appears to be called a “Z Infected Experience” and information is usually accessible on the Japanese PlayStation blog right now.

You can watch footage of a experience here, posted by PANORA here:

In a video it appears to swell brazen automatically though allows we to openly demeanour and pierce around with a headset’s positional tracking. You get to event down an overshoot city street, mount in a packaged elevator, and eventually make your approach down a corridor towards a film’s primary protagonists. It looks to try and constraint a power and recklessness of a zombie apocalypse, solely this time from a other finish of a gun.

We don’t know if this is entrance out in a West or not, though it’s slated for a Japanese recover on 5/24/17. We’ be extremely startling if it didn’t recover in other territories eventually to foster a film. Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

h/t: Push Square

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