Resident Evil 7 walkthrough partial 17 – salt mines, final trainer fight

Get tainted in a mines, forestall an outbreak, accommodate a informed face.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: Walkthrough #17 – get geared up

At a finish of a final partial we watched some flattering poignant story sequences and are now behind in control of Ethan. What happens here depends severely on a choice we finished as we were evading a Baker estate, however.

  • If we marinated Zoe, we will now have to quarrel Mia. This pans out as it did in a opening of a game, roughly – there is a m�lange arms for we to collect adult on a floor. Just retard and hit, rinse and repeat as necessary. It’s a elementary fight, though not a pleasing one for other reasons.
  • If we marinated Mia, she will give we a hankie representation we need to finish this once and for all willingly and stay behind to buy we some time.

Once that’s done, follow a trail given to you. It’s linear. Eventually you’ll wade by H2O filled with passed fish and stand adult into a room. In here there’s utterly a bit to collect:

  • There’s extended handgun ammo on a shelf in front of we as we stand adult into a room
  • Psychostimulants usually watchful for you
  • Lots of story amour items, in sold a short-wave radio – it looks like you’re no longer a usually one here!
  • Finally, this is a save area, finish with all a unchanging amenities and even a ascent cages to spend your antique coins. If you’ve been following a beam we should now have them all and can means everything.

There’s also of march a crate, being a save point. Interact with it. Look during all that stuff! It’s time to rigging up, like Arnie in Commando.

When we leave a save area you’ll be means to find some clever chem liquid and chem liquid nearby a cave carts. As we continue around to a subsequent area there’s an comprehensive strew bucket of enemies. You have a lot of space to work with here, so try to use weaker weapons like your pistol to collect them off from a stretch rather than spending a large guns here.

Once that area is cleared, we can find:

  • Strong Chem Fluid nearby a elevator
  • A box containing a herb on a hulk crane’s base
  • Chem liquid on a grey machine nearby a crane
  • Two brittle boxes containing ammo

You competence wish to packet behind and onward a bit to a save indicate and a apparatus box to juggle all this. Get together a set of things prepared for a bit fight, afterwards conduct down a elevator. You’re going into a salt mines.

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (3)

How to tarry a salt mines

In this corridor there’ll be an enemy, and beware – there are a few outing wires around. Remember how we finished a approach by a Lucas territory progressing – ducking and sharpened outing wires in method to raze them. One vital thing is opposite here: these outing wires can be used to your advantage. You’re intelligent adequate to wobble around them, though a molded aren’t. Encourage a molded to blow themselves adult in their office of you. The initial open area here has some boxes to pound – one contains ammo, one contains a herb.

Keep streamer down, being aware of enemies. When we strech a crossroads:

  • There’s dual remote bombs right in front of you.
  • The right trail leads to a passed end.
  • The left trail is a approach we need to go to continue, but it’s also a trap: Enemies will parent behind we while you’re in a slight path. Beware. It’s one of a few times I’ve found this diversion to do something cheap, as they can unequivocally locate we off guard.

In a subsequent area, be aware of some-more rivalry ambushes from behind and strech a cave transport during a tip of a brief incline. Push it to pound a barrier in your approach and afterwards follow a newly non-stop path. You’ll be means to take stairs to a aloft level, though don’t usually yet: there’s a box with ammo during a distant finish of this floor, past a cave cart.

Now conduct adult a stairs, though mind a outing cave deftly camouflaged into a stairs. Also: omit a box during a tip of a stairs. It’s butt trapped.

In a room we enter, there’s dual spices on a side. Interact with a laptop. Massive story developments abound. Keep moving. Keep learning. Investigate everything. There’s a briefcase. It should be flattering apparent what we have to do here: put a dungeon representation in and activate it, afterwards take a object that it synthesizes as a result.

Next adult is a save room. On a shelf are 2 glow rounds for your grenade launcher. Save. It unequivocally seems things are entrance to a head.


How to kick a fat Molded

Prepare yourself now – we’re streamer into some of a hardest fights in a game. There’s usually one linear trail we can take, and that trail is populated by an comprehensive strew bucket of molded of all types. Fat, thin, strong, discerning – they’re all here, and they all wish to give we a hug. Do not let them.

Outside a save room and down a stairs, there’s a chem container nearby a light. Carry on down a usually path. You’ll eventually strech a cover where we round around it, climbing up. As we stand there’s a herb, and after on a intelligent bomb. Boxes in a side room can be crushed for ammo. Try to reason on to your grenade launcher and intelligent bombs, though anything else feel giveaway to go nuts with.

You’ll come to a room with a mini trainer confront with some formidable fat molded here. There’s dual during once, and their multiple of being bomb when killed, missile attacks and hard-hitting adult tighten creates a span of them difficult, generally in this comparatively slight room. Use cover to your advantage and try to keep a span together, as doing so will concede a use of intelligent bombs or a grenade launcher to repairs both during a same time.

Remember these guys raze when killed, so get divided once they go down. Be certain to brush this room once you’re finished – there are boxes we can pound with ammo and health kits. When done, stand a ladder. At a tip of this area you’ll find a map of a area and a save point, as good as dual boxes – ammo and health restoratives.

Follow a path, fist by a gap… all comes full round in a end, right? Be certain to take a discerning demeanour during a photo, and when we get behind into a Guest House usually travel around. Do what we have to do. The diversion is toying with we here with scripting, and my instruction would usually spoil a surprises. When it comes to an encounter, just… don’t worry.

resident_evil_7_midnight_demo (1)

How to kick Resident Evil 7’s final boss

When we finally conduct adult to a integument and have to travel adult a breezy corridor towards a impression antagonizing you, we need to be careful: it’s really easy to incidentally die here. What we need to do is keep an eye on a animation and wait for a impulse where a impression is about to let out a call of energy. When that happens, use your retard button, and in between these blasts of appetite run opposite a large breeze to try to strech them.

When we do strech a character, a story method will play out. Now we’re into a final encounter. A wall is coming you, dire opposite you. If we get too tighten to it you’ll be swallowed whole and it is pulling forwards so time is limited. we went positively nuts with my SMG and that did a trick. If we miss ammo, don’t panic too most – a diversion will let we juggle your register on genocide before retrying.

The final method of a diversion appears to be scripted – I’m not wholly certain if it’s probable to die once you’re thrown from a house. This is flattering most a finish of a game. One final fight: Just glow like hell. And, approbation – when we get a cue: use it!

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