Resident Evil 7 ‘Not a Hero’ DLC Delayed, New Content Teased

Resident Evil 7’s giveaway Not a Hero DLC has been delayed.

The DLC was creatively scheduled for a Spring 2017 release, though due to not assembly expectations Capcom has motionless a best march of movement is to check a DLC until it’s adult to a customary fans expect.

Speaking in a video to fans, Resident Evil 7 executive Masachika Kawata and author Koshi Nakanishi both explained a conditions as so:

“We were operative really tough to get a DLC prepared in time for a Spring release, and we got tighten to completing a diversion content,” says Kawata. “Our aim is for this calm is to compare a high peculiarity of a categorical game, so we need some-more growth time in sequence to grasp that goal.”

“However, in light of a implausible accepting to a recover of Resident Evil 7, we resolved that this DLC was not good adequate to accommodate those high expectations,” Nakanishi adds. “Rest positive we’ll use this time to emanate something a fans love.”

Nakanishi records a Not a Hero DLC will indeed still be giveaway on a release, whenever that might be.

Rounding out a video is executive author Jun Takeuchi, who mirrors a difference of both Nakanishi and Kawata while also announcing that another new DLC is in growth for Capcom’s scare-a-thon.

“We are also operative on a serve square of DLC during a moment,” says Takeuchi, “and we wish to broach both of these to we adult to a customary we design from Resident Evil 7. we wish we can know a preference to keep we watchful and ask for your continued support of Resident Evil 7.”

In our examination of Resident Evil 7, we pronounced a diversion “grounds itself in elements that done a strange good while still indulging in a unsure new change in character that both helps and hurts a dear regulation in equal measure.”

Wesley Copeland is a freelance news author who writes glorious bios. For some-more apparent statements and video diversion chat, we should substantially follow him on Twitter.

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