Resident Evil 7 beam and walkthrough 4-2 Happy birthday VHS tape

Full Resident Evil 7 beam list of contents

Now that you’re protected in a trailer (which is a word we never approaching to write), it’s time to watch that Happy Birthday tape. This is another flashback that will also learn we how to get by a subsequent section. It’s also super disturbing, that is standard for a march in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Coulrophobics beware!

This fasten papers a predestine of everyone’s favorite cameraman, Clancy. Turns out, Lucas had a bit of a exam for him (and proceed too most time on his hands).

After Lucas’ introduction, overcome each instinct in your mind and proceed a corpse-clown. Take a candle from his hand. Now, obviously, this isn’t going to be as elementary as only walking in and fixation a candle on a cake, though we have to go by a motions to trigger another debate from Lucas.

After a sprayers in a pathway extinguish your candle, stay in a cake room and conduct toward a barrel. Take a winding pivotal which has a hapless side-effect of spilling whatever was inside all over a floor, though that couldn’t presumably be a bad thing, right? Take note of a sealed box on a wall, though we can’t do anything with that until we find a glyphs to open it.

Head behind to a kitchen area. You’re going to use a stove in a second, though let’s do something else first. Turn left and conduct into a lavatory to a left of a corpse-clown. Flush a toilet (what is it with a family and stealing things in toilets!?) and you’ll find a dirty telescope. It’s invalid during a impulse — it’s unwashed — but, luckily, we know somewhere that sprays water! Walk to a pathway and use a dirty telescope. As we travel brazen with a dirty telescope active, a H2O with rinse it, branch it into a regular, serviceable telescope.

Head behind to a kitchen and light a stove. Once we get a flame, light your candle. Turn to your right and travel into a room with a gas pipe on your left and a bank of monitors in front of you. Walk to a doorway to a right of a monitors and use a candle to bake a wire holding a doorway shut.

You can omit a balloons stuffing this corridor (or we can steep down and cocktail them with your candle that is overtly kind of satisfying). At a other finish of a hall, demeanour on a building to a right of a list for a deflated yellow balloon. There’s a doorway behind we sealed with a 5 impression password, though we don’t know that yet.

Take a balloon behind to a bank of monitors. Turn to your left and fill a balloon from a siren on a wall. It will eventually cocktail and it’s full of nails since of march it is. But it also had a quill pen inside.

Turn your courtesy to a monitors. Look during them by a telescope to see 3 glyphs — we referred to ours as a “jedi,” a “crow on a bell” and a “fetus,” though we’re not certain if they’re random. Head behind to a cake room and dial these numbers into a box on a wall to find a straw doll.

Roast a doll over a stove like a messed adult marshmallow to exhibit a dummy finger inside, afterwards lapse to a corpse-clown. Install a dummy finger, quill coop and a winding key in a clown, afterwards breeze a key.

After something happens — we don’t indeed know, we had a eyes sealed — you’ll finish adult with a cue to that sealed doorway in a hallway. Go there, dial in a word and conduct inside a room that opens. You’ll find a valve handle.

Take this behind to a cake room and implement it in a siren to spin off a upsurge of H2O to a sprayers. Light a candle during a stove and take it behind to a cake where all works out good for a child Clancy.

After a fasten ends, strike a fasten recorder to save, afterwards it’s time to get prepared for Lucas’ party.

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