Resident Evil 7 gains a new fan in Shinji Mikami


Tango Gameworks’ Shinji Mikami has heaped praised on Resident Evil 7: biohazard, describing a presence fear frisk as ‘enormously fun.’

Speaking during an talk with GameSpot, a former Capcom developer, who spearheaded a presence fear genre with a strange Resident Evil behind in 1996, common his thoughts on a diversion and fear titles in ubiquitous while compelling a arriving The Evil Within 2.

As distant as a Survival Horror genre goes, it started in a aged days with games that did have action-focused elements. Placing we in situations where we have to shun enemies while reckoning out ways to overcome him.” 

“Those elements are mainstays of a genre to this day. However, we really have seen a series of games that are going behind to easier and some-more pristine horror-oriented games. As for Resident Evil 7, we played a VR chronicle of a game, and it was enormously sparkling and fun.

Mikami-san’s comments come shortly after he voiced seductiveness in directing Resident Evil 8 if given a chance. The diversion is now in a early formulation stages during Capcom alongside a in-development Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Resident Evil 7 was expelled to vicious commend behind in Jan 2017 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Despite soap-box reviews, a diversion has so distant unsuccessful to accommodate Capcom’s sales expectations, yet a publisher is assured it will perform strongly over time. 

The diversion has seen dual vital DLC packs expelled to date in a figure of Banned Footage Vol.1 and 2, with a third still due for recover as partial of a Season Pass. 

However, a designed giveaway enlargement Not a Hero has been delayed to an vague window after this year. 

Meanwhile, Mikami-san’s arriving The Evil Within 2 is scheduled to boat for PS4, PC, and Xbox One in Oct 2017. 

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