Resident Evil 7 doubled PlayStation VR event time, says Sony

It’s been roughly one year given Sony launched a console VR headset, a PlayStation VR. While a headset done waves early on by offered 1 million units after 8 months, Sony has been mostly still about a headset’s sales since, even as an updated indication hits shelves.

Engadget recently published a story that digs into a state of VR both during a time of a PSVR’s launch and a stream moment. The story in itself offers an interesting look during initial console VR option, though a criticism from Sony on what games seem to gleam on console VR competence be especially interesting to diversion developers

According to a Sony representative, many VR users seem to preference “bite-sized experiences”, with a normal play event durability about 25 minutes. But when a first-person presence fear diversion Resident Evil 7: Biohazard launched with a choice to play in VR, Sony saw that series unexpected double to only bashful of an hour. 

“Different users suffer opposite experiences, and it’s tough to pinpoint a sold app or knowledge that is many popular,” Sony PR told Engadget. “But we’ve found that certain genres work really good with VR, and fear is one example.”

The full Engadget story digs a small deeper into a state of VR, both during a time of a PSVR’s launch and during a stream moment. 

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