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I know, we know, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has been out for some time now, it’s usually right though, in this day and age, of carrying mixed unplayed games on your Xbox that you’re reminded these extraordinary games aren’t going anywhere and you’re substantially blank out on something. Our unequivocally possess Rich Berry reviewed a categorical diversion when it was initial released, go here to give that a read. RE7 is hands down one of my favourite games of a complicated era; we did find it unequivocally frightful yet we could frequency collect any error with it whatsoever. It was good to see Capcom moving divided from a play character of it’s predecessors and relocating towards an windy shock fest, that RE7 incited out to be. You might or might not be wakeful that given a title’s recover there has been some DLC strike a stores, and we got to play them all, all solely a giveaway one that is still delayed! Titled ‘Banned Footage’ a DLC came in 2 sections, we got to play them all so we will mangle it down easily into sections, usually in box we got to play some and not all.

Banned Footage Vol 1: Nightmare

Below is a video examination of Nightmare, give it a watch and don’t forget to comments on a YouTube video with your views on a game.

Banned Footage Vol 1: Bedroom

Banned Footage Vol 1: Ethan Must Die

Now, distinct a prior modes, here there isn’t many of a story or genuine aim to be honest. Your pursuit is to tarry and, well, to be honest, we won’t. You’re given a charge to kill Marguerite in a Greenhouse. You enter a Bakers residence by a behind doorway armed with usually your knife, You have to find a pivotal to a hothouse and try a area to find goodie boxes. The boxes enclose whatever has been incidentally generated and that’s all we have. we didn’t final prolonged during all, in fact we hardly done it into a residence before we fast finished my diversion session. Ethan Must Die is a gruelling challenge and I encourage anyone to have a go and do improved than we did, that won’t be hard, trust me. My advice, keep moving!!

Banned Footage Vol 2: 21

21 is a sickest many disfigured diversion of Pontoon/BlackJack I’ve ever seen. You’re sat in a room face to face with another bad plant with your palm strapped into some arrange of device. Over a tannoy comes a informed voice, a demented schizoid Lucas is your horde and he wants we to fail, painfully. The manners are simple, we have cards and we have to make 21 yet going bust, a closest to 21 out of we and your competition is a winner. You play Clancy, he’s a camera man and a one who shows adult in a VHS recordings via a categorical campaign, he’s also a one who we play in a Bedroom DLC, so it’s satisfactory to contend he’s been by utterly a bit during this game. If we remove a spin afterwards you’ll compensate for it somehow,  usually with a finger or presumably being electrocuted within an in. of your life. There are varying diversion modes including presence yet we did feel as yet a mechanism played a few intrigue hands, or maybe I’m usually a bruise loser. You can get buffs yet that give we an top hand, you’re competition also gets buffs and we won’t see what they have until they play, that valid to be utterly frustrating. 21 is a good time torpedo yet it doesn’t unequivocally offer many in a approach of story etc.

Banned Footage Vol 2: Daughters

You play a partial of Zoe Baker, it starts approach behind when all seemed to be normal. The Baker residence is a normal house, even Lucas seemed to be utterly sane. we contingency admit, it did feel utterly lovely to be nearby Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas yet carrying to worry about what they’re going to do. Just then, however, things spin for a misfortune and Jack walks in with an comatose Evelyn, this is clearly when things went wrong for a Bakers. we don’t wish to go into too many sum about Daughters since I’ll substantially spoil it for you, it’s over before it starts with my initial play by being usually bashful of 20 minutes. My second play by was a tiny longer yet still I’d be spoiling it if we told we more. Zoe does pierce a lot slower than Ethan and this valid to be a bit stressful during times, we couldn’t take a suspense. It’s a good tiny further yet and gives a tiny discernment into a Bakers before tragedy struck.

Banned Footage Vol 2: Jack’s 55th Birthday

This bit of DLC is fun, it’s a bit of light service after fast a moving inlet of a diversion adult to this point. Your pursuit is simple, to go spin a theatre collecting food, holding it behind to Jack who is sat in his celebration shawl and feed him. Each tiny dish gives we points and your pursuit is to finish a turn within a certain time. The quicker we fill Jack adult a improved your ranking. You’ll be informed with a ranking complement it’s fundamentally S, A and B. You can arrange of control your time by murdering monsters as we demeanour for food, this will postponement a timer yet it won’t boost your remaining time, giving we a bit of a pillow while we pierce into a subsequent room. There are six areas in sum and any offer opposite challenges, we can also brew your food for that all critical points boost. At a start of any theatre we can demeanour in your storage box and name your weapons, health and buffs that we are awarded for completing any stage.


Well there we have it, Resident Evil 7 DLC in a short(ish) round-up. The DLC is fundamentally a topping on what is an extraordinary cake, a categorical diversion gave us a low story and a DLC gave us usually a tiny some-more of what was on offer. On a video we asked either or not a DLC is value a cost and to be honest we consider it is. The hours of gameplay we have within Resident Evil 7 is value it alone, there are countless reasons for we to burst behind in and kick your time or kick a wily enemy. So my recommendation is: don’t let Resident Evil 7 lay on your tough drive, glow it adult and buy a DLC we won’t be disappointed.

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