Resident Evil 7 and MVC:I buoy Capcom’s financials, though a genuine increase are elsewhere

Update, Nov 6: Capcom’s mid-year financials advise plain performances from RE7 and MVC:I, yet their strongest performers aren’t on PC.

Even yet Resident Evil 7 met a sales idea some-more than few months after than expected, Capcom prominence a success as partial of their second-quarter financial report, confirming that a fear diversion has exceeded 4 million copies sold. They also prominence Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s recover as a writer their financials, yet they’re most reduction specific about a fighter’s performance.

Zombies competence be a thing of RE’s past, yet we can get your repair with a best zombie games on PC.

Nonetheless, Capcom have had a plain year, with a 17.6% boost in net sales and a 191.5% boost in net income year-over-year. While a launch of a vital new fighting diversion and a continued sales of RE7 have been anchors for their year, a loyal success has been with smaller games on Nintendo platforms. The Switch pier of Street Fighter II has been a “smash hit,” while continued sales of Monster Hunter XX on 3DS and Switch have been strong.


This puts Capcom in an engaging position, with plain yet uninspiring sales for games opposite PC and some-more absolute consoles, yet startling success from ported, unstable titles. Of course, we’ll have to wait for a recover of Monster Hunter: World before creation too most of a disproportion between strategies.

Original story, Oct 18: Resident Evil 7 was flattering tremendous, and even if it competence have been a transparent “me too” in a arise of a success of PT and complicated indie character of horror, it valid a plain lapse to scares for a franchise. But while a diversion was great, it hasn’t strike a sales goals Capcom had set for it. Until now, anyway.

The diversion finally strike a targeted 4 million copies shipped, according to a uninformed stamp now manifest on a game’s website. This idea was supposed to be met during a finish of Capcom’s mercantile year on Mar 31. Meeting it 7 months after positively isn’t a success Capcom have been looking for (certainly because it’s not partial of a incomparable central announcement), yet it would be some-more than a widen to call RE7 a failure.

In fact, RE7 is now a fourth best-selling entrance in a authorization according to Capcom’s possess sales figures, only behind a princely classical Resident Evil 2. The initial and second places on a list competence come as some-more of a suprise, with RE5 and a maligned RE6 holding those dual slots.

It’s tough to contend what all this means for a futures of Resident Evil. Around a time of a game’s release, Capcom pronounced they saw RE7 as a start of a new instruction for a franchise, and that RE8 would continue with a first-person viewpoint during a really least. 

The Gold Edition of RE7 will package a diversion and a DLC only in time for a horror-filled holiday of, er, Christmas with a Dec 12 recover date. It’ll be engaging to see if this new package will do anything to urge a game’s post-release window sales, yet it seems to be blank a holiday it’s best matched for.

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