Resident Evil 2 reconstitute is inbound for PS4 and Xbox One… and …

Get hype.

The 2015 remaster of a strange Resident Evil gave confidant new life to an undead classic.

Exploring a dreaded secrets of a Spencer Mansion all over again in stately HD valid a wonderful, if still terrifying, experience.

A vicious and blurb success, Resident Evil HD Remaster pennyless new sales records, apropos a Playstation Network’s biggest launch pretension in a service’s story adult to that point.

If you’re unknown with intentionally sap video games censor George Weidman aka Super Bunnyhop, he has a good video on a differences between a initial book recover and a remake:

Clip around Super Bunnyhop

All of this is to contend that fans have been clamouring for a apparent subsequent step here – a glossy new HD ascent of Resident Evil 2.

And, carrying been reliable in a summer of 2015 though with no central recover date attached, it looks like Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are entrance behind in time for a 20th anniversary of Resi 2’s strange release.

That is if we buy into Capcom cryptically messing about with their amicable media accounts, during least.

Over a weekend, a categorical picture on a central Resident Evil Twitter and Facebook pages underwent a forked enough, though potentially crucial, change.

Resident Evil

In a credentials stays a Baker residence from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, though a creatively practical old-school rise recalls that of… we guessed it, Resident Evil 2.

Plus, Sunday 21 Jan outlines accurately 20 years given a supplement initial seemed in Japan and North America.

Not convinced? Die-hard fans have forked out something else; a Japanese Resident Evil/Biohazard Twitter comment unexpected has a opening in a banner, one that could be orderly finished by a new game:

So there we have it.

Resident Evil 2 HD Remake is definitely nearing this month. Maybe.

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