Report: Sony Sending Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Theme Reward Emails Out Even for Players Who Haven’t Played It

June 26, 2017
Written by Alex Co


Continuing with a overwhelming “rewards” module of giving free stuff to people who Platinum a PlayStation game, Sony is doing a same thing again for Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn.

Same as a reward for Bloodborne, Platinum Trophy earners will get a Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum thesis for a PS4. Here’s a picture that will be nod we if we get an email from Sony:


Oddly enough, a lot of users have pronounced that they got a same email even if they haven’t Platinumed Horizon Zero Dawn, or in some cases, don’t even know — or have played — a game. Users from NeoGAF, Reddit, and even a possess staff uphold this same uncanny mistake by Sony. Some people who have not played a second of a diversion got an email, while others who have indeed gotten a Platinum have nonetheless to get their disdainful Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum theme.

Hopefully, this gets all sorted out soon, and that everybody who deserves it, indeed get one.

If we wish to get these kind of emails from Sony, make certain that your PSN “notifications” settings are checked off.

Of course, this isn’t a pledge that you’ll get one, as some people have that small box ticked and still didn’t get squat.

If you’ve nonetheless to play Horizon, you’re substantially blank out on one of a year’s biggest and best games. Our possess review gave it a ideal 10 and say, “Horizon Zero Dawn is an early contender for diversion of a year. Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves, in strange fashion.”

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