Report: Overwatch overtakes League of Legends as Korean net cafes’ many renouned game

Overwatch currently boasts a largest share of players during Korean internet cafes (PC bangs), according to Gametrics. The website, which tracks and charts what people are personification during some-more than 4,000 of a country’s PC bangs, lists Overwatch as a diversion of choice for some-more than 30 percent of cafeteria patrons, besting League of Legends‘ 27.8 percent share.

That’s a vital feat for a game, deliberation League of Legends‘ longtime recognition with Korean players, many of whom do a infancy of their gaming in PC bangs. Prior to this week, League has kept a tip mark since August 2012. Overwatch outlines a initial diversion in scarcely 4 years to replace Riot Games’ renouned multiplayer online conflict locus title.

Blizzard Entertainment has prolonged hold a special place in a hearts of Korean gamers, interjection to a fast success of StarCraft. The sci-fi plan diversion has been one of a country’s biggest hits given it launched in 1998, spawning veteran tournaments with obvious players. That includes Overwatch star D.Va who, according to a game’s lore, is a top-ranked StarCraft player before fasten a newest franchise’s cast.

Overwatch will shortly get a rival mode of the own, that Korean players were the initial to try out. That will hurl out to everyone after this month.

We’ve reached out to Blizzard to endorse Gametrics’ statistics and will refurbish with some-more when we accept it.

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