Report: Capcom Could Be Revealing A New Resident Evil Project Soon

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil array has been relocating right along over a past year, between a attainment of a well-received Resident Evil 7: Biohazard progressing in 2017, followed by a array of considerable remakes, including a Resident Evil Revelations games for Nintendo Switch. But now, Capcom could have a whole new warn designed for fans of a series, and it could be suggested in a matter of weeks.

A Twitter comment by a name of Resident Evil Plus has only suggested an picture that it prisoner over on a central Biohazard page (that’s a Japanese name for a Resident Evil series), and it points out some informed titles, including Resident Evil 7 and a Revelations games.

But, when we check out a chatter below, you’ll notice that there’s an wholly new container on a left palm side, yet any arrange of diversion image. It only reads “Biohazard” during a bottom and has small information to go alongside that.

What could it mean? More than likely, it’s a new project, yet it could also be a long-awaited reconstitute of Resident Evil 2. This thread over during Resetera pointed out that Resident Evil 2’s 20th anniversary is entrance up, as a diversion creatively expelled on Jan 21st, 1998. Capcom could have that “surprise” proclamation set to go, only in time to applaud it.

But there’s also a probability that an wholly new diversion could be announced. The commenter done note that a Nintendo Direct was function soon, and, deliberation how good a Revelations games went on Switch, Capcom could have an proclamation forthcoming. Could a pier of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard be in a works? It’s too shortly to tell.

Capcom hasn’t pronounced a word about a page, yet if we check out a central Biohazard page, you should be means to check out a picture for yourself – yet there’s not most to see.

All we can do during this indicate is wait. Capcom has remarkable in a past that it enjoys operative on remasters, so a Resident Evil 2 pier wouldn’t be out of a doubt – and it’d be a strike seller for a company. We’ll only have to see what a subsequent few weeks brings.

We’ll let we know once a association confirms anything Resident Evil related.

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