Reddit User Reimagines ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild’ With a ‘Pokemon’ Theme and a Results Are Magic

Nintendo Switch owners are enjoying a Pokemon Let’s Go games, all eyes are on what Game Freak is doing with a stirring 8th gen Pokemon adventure, that will reportedly strike a complement after this year. But that hasn’t stopped one Reddit user from speculating what such a diversion would demeanour like if it used a engine of another renouned favorite.

A user by a name of Hacktivision has posted an artist delivery of how they consider Pokemon would demeanour if commissioned into a universe of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, a journey that done a entrance alongside a Nintendo Switch when it expelled behind in 2017. And damn it, now we wish this diversion to happen.

The picture can be seen below. In it, we see a Pokemon tutor station alongside his bike and his constant Pokemon Eevee, as they demeanour out onto a morning of a monumental world, one where Snorlax is happily sleeping circuitously and birds are drifting overhead.

As expected, a Reddit thread is utterly renouned with comments, as some fans have speculated how Pokemon could work in an open-world environment.

For instance, Bryster726 noted, “We have always appreciated a nostalgia of a typical Pokemon structure though it’s time to pierce brazen with a new era. That can usually be with an open-world Pokemon game.” And they have a point- this would be a bold pierce forward.

Darn332 contributed to a conversation, adding, “This though with a same conflict complement and a grindy levelling, lets go was so extraordinary with a relations we can build and carrying your pokemon follow you/riding them though this would be so most better.”

Reddit user Jakobmiller also done a call to strike adult a latest Pokemon game’s difficulty. “Yep, a games need to get approach harder. Or during slightest choice to make it challenging.”

And M0dusPwnens corroborated this adult with their statement. “The games desperately need a problem setting. Let’s Go was a exhale of uninformed atmosphere with a reasonable series of Pokemon and reasonable complexity instead of a dozen years of amassed complexity. So most some-more pleasing than 5000 Pokemon with 72 forms and Pokemon with 3 passives and hereditary moves and 4 forms during a same time and hold equipment and mega evolutions and God usually knows what else.

“I only wish a elementary Pokemon diversion with even somewhat severe fights. To a border that we competence ever see a some-more severe diversion (not only one area of severe ‘endgame’), it seems unequivocally doubtful it will be a easier kind rather than a categorical line of games that only keeps bloating with some-more and some-more ‘features’.”

So a genuine doubt is…could Game Freak be adult to a charge of creation a Pokemon diversion of this nature? We’d totally be down with that.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is accessible now for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, in both earthy and digital form on a Nintendo eShop.

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