Red Barrels Plays It Coy on Outlast 2 DLC Possibilities

Anyone informed with Outlast, a fear array famous for pulling a boundary of gore and severe taboos (necrophilia, filicide, genital mutilation, etcetera), is also informed with a developer’s plan for DLC. While they usually have a one-game story of this, Red Barrels expelled a strange Outlast, and shortly after followed it adult with a DLC story enlargement called Outlast: Whistleblower.

This DLC tied in directly with a strange story, and a categorical impression we play roughly interacts with a strange protagonist on several occasions. Given this, and given a clearly obscure approach in that Outlast 2 wrapped up. People wish to know possibly or not Outlast 2 DLC is on a horizon.

Unfortunately, Red Barrels continues to play it decorous on this topic, if they even benefaction it during all. Take for instance, this Tweet from a French-Canadian company:

In fact, they’ve used this accurate word with no flaw before. This, of course, leaves a doorway open for Outlast 2 DLC, yet it doesn’t undisguised endorse it either. But, there is also a route of breadcrumbs surrounding Outlast 2 that hints during aspects not overwhelmed on in a categorical story. Further more, there are a few characters and storylines benefaction in Outlast 2 that also leave a doorway far-reaching open for additional exploration.

First, there’s a ceaselessly updated Tumble page, called The Murkoff Report (in anxiety to a illusory Murkoff Corporation that was behind a goings on in Mount Massive Asylum in Outlast. Red Barrels possess Tweets have some-more or reduction reliable that it is strictly run by a developers themselves. Their most new update confirms that a Murkoff Corporation was directly concerned with a encampment in Outlast 2, even going so distant as to place recording inclination inside a now-infamous Chapel.

As for characters involved, a teenager impression we met in Outlast 2 could be a primary candidate. Ethan, a non-violent impression who shelters Blake from Marta, was also a father of “Jane Doe,” a profound lady who incited adult murdered and captivated Blake and his mother to a area in a initial place. He seems to have had a scattered attribute with a Temple Gate residents, and he even defied Papa Knoth by assisting his daughter shun (or during slightest try to). Of course, Ethan meets a heartless finish that we won’t indispensably spoil, so that could extent a efficacy of this sold story.

Another choice would be a some-more critical impression that could be used in this fanciful Outlast 2 DLC: Lynn Langermann, Blake’s mother and broadcasting partner. Lynn is alive in a diversion for only as prolonged as Blake (take that as we will), and she is shown on during slightest one arise to be able of evading a grasp of a Temple Gate residents. At a certain indicate in a game, we’re underneath a arrogance that she’s merely been kidnapped, yet what if she’s also ceaselessly evading and being followed before eventually apropos kidnapped? That would make for an engaging playthrough.


More importantly, additional DLC would give us a event to finally play opposite Papa Knoth as an antagonist, something we were regrettably denied by Outlast 2. Don’t get me wrong, we did suffer personification opposite a villains that were in a game, yet it seemed as yet Knoth was being set adult as a final confront that simply never came. Would he make an entrance in any DLC expansion? we don’t see because not.

One emanate inspiring this conjecture yet is a camera. Outlast is famous for a night-vision camera, functioning as a possess singular gimmick that it uses brilliantly to adult a shock ante. Neither Ethan, nor Lynn would have entrance to a camera, so it would expected have to be a new character, maybe one from Murkoff as was a box in Whistleblower, that would have some reason to record what he sees and some means to do so.

Regardless, there has been no denote that Red Barrels is relocating on from a Outlast series or that they’re finished creation games, so it’s not tough to suppose an Outlast 2 DLC story enlargement entrance in a subsequent year or so. Without anything official, though, all we have is extravagantly conjecture formed on fictional, redacted documents.

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