Red Barrels is jolt adult a Outlast regulation for the subsequent game

Expect a ‘departure’ set within a Outlast universe

Where should Outlast go from here? The run-like-hell-and-hide fear array has turn a comparatively famous entity during this point, with some-more than 15 million sales to date. Outlast 2 felt like a subsequent judicious step as a bigger-budget follow-up, though should Red Barrels stay on that trajectory?

Last year, a studio pronounced it would substantially make an Outlast 3 “at some point.” But before that day comes, it’s operative on “a graphic knowledge set in a Outlast universe,” one that “won’t be a supplement to Outlast or Outlast 2.” There was some doubt about either or not a thought would work.

Speaking to, Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin reiterated that a team’s subsequent diversion is designed to be a “departure” from Outlast as we know it though still set within a universe.

“If you’d told me a year ago that a plan we’re now operative on was going to be a subsequent thing, we would have said, ‘Nah, we don’t consider so.’ It’s an inner struggle. On a one side we have to stay encouraged as a developer, though during a same time we have to consider about things as association owners.”

Continuing, Morin pronounced “That’s because it took us several months to find a sweet-spot between doing something that’s going to greatfully a fans, and something that we’re driven by personally.”

Without meaningful a nitty-gritty, we consider a side-step divided from a stream Outlast formula is a right move. Try something new and opposite to shock people while we still have their attention.

From 0 to 15 million: The story of Outlast []

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