Red Barrels announces subsequent installment in Outlast series: The Outlast Trials

Today gaming studio Red Barrels introduced a third section in a fear diversion array Outlast, The Outlast Trials. Currently, a diversion is still underneath prolongation and no recover window has been announced by a maker. Apart from confirming a existence of a new title, a Canadian diversion developer did not divulge any minute information about a arriving game.

The announcing post on Red Barrels’ central Facebook page did not exhibit most either, mentioning usually a timeline a diversion will be set in, a fact that it will be a multiplayer title, and a guarantee to broach nonetheless another bloody presence fear experience.

Welcome to The Outlast Trials.

The Red Barrels group is vehement to announce a latest plan in a Outlast universe. Set in a epoch of a Cold War, The Outlast Trials will concede players to face a horrors that wait by themselves or with associate exam subjects 💉

The Outlast Trials is still in production, and as a co-founder David Chateauneuf puts it: “Now we’ve finished a explanation of concept, it is time concentration on calm creation, variety… and gore.”

Get ready.

According to a criticism on a Facebook announcement, Red Barrels also reliable that The Outlast Trials will not be a VR game. The four-player mild diversion will not be a approach supplement to a prior titles in a Outlast series, though it will still be set in ‘the same stirring universe’.

As of right now, serve sum about The Outlast Trials are flattering scarce. It is also different either a pretension will arrive on PC as good as consoles, like a prototype Outlast 2, that arrived on a PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms during launch. Hopefully, some-more news will be accessible in a days to come.

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