Real-Life Baby Terrifies Outlast 2 Player And Becomes Most-Watched Twitch Clip of All Time

JurassicJunkie is jumpscared by his daughter while he’s streaming Outlast 2.

Within a few days, footage of pennon JurassicJunkieLive screaming in apprehension as his toddler daughter, Jessica, pops adult behind him has turn a many noticed shave on Twitch of all time.

Jurassic was personification Outlast 2 when a now-famous impulse was recorded. He had only finished a partial of a diversion where Marta, a lady who dismembers people with her pickaxe, murders a chairman that hides a protagonist, Blake Langermann, underneath his house.


20 seconds into a clip, we can hear a soothing babbling of his 2 year aged daughter, who had only entered a bureau to give him a can of Jack Daniels that his partner bought for him. Because he was wearing headphones, he didn’t hear her enter a room.

The waggish shave has gotten over 1.5 million views on a renouned streaming site, causing a streamer’s supporter count to stand from 100 to over 3,000.



JurassicJunkieLive wrote on Reddit that he doesn’t play many frightful games, though after training how many his supporters adore his reactions, he started to do “Frightday” Fridays, where he plays frightful games.

“Are we ok?” Jurassic laughs as he pulls his daughter in for an apologetic hug.

If we check out a original stream, we can see what unfolds after a viral clip. Laughing, Jurassic carried his daughter into his arms and planted a lick on her forehead.

“Please tell me someone’s clipped that,” he pronounced to his followers. He kissed his daughter again. “I can’t trust we didn’t roar back.”

Jessica truly seemed unphased by a whole ordeal, and played with a microphone while she sat in her father’s lap. Unfortunately, a darling small lady couldn’t join her father’s stream, as she had to go to bed.

Jessica says, “Pumpkin!” to her dad’s supporters as she plays with a microphone.

Jurassic pronounced on Reddit that he reacted to several jumpscares while he was personification Outlast 2, though a one with his daughter was “perfect.”



While Twitch couldn’t share a second and third-most watched clips of all time, a orator for a livestreaming use remarkable that in this sold month, other tip clips enclosed a immature woman smacking into a travel stick face-first with roughly 650,000 views, and of a final notation victory during a Counter Strike: Global Offensive foe with over 480,000 views.

(Update 11:01 am Jul 26 — according to a Twitch spokesperson, dual of Twitch’s many watched clips of all time embody a video of a immature lady smacking into a travel stick mentioned above, and of a immature child shooting another actor in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.)

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