Razer Sponsors LA Valiant In Overwatch League

Pan-Seung ‘Fate’ Koo and Indy ‘Space’ Halpern from a L.A. Valiant Overwatch League team.

High-end gaming hardware builder Razer only picked a group in a Overwatch League: a L.A. Valiant.

The sponsorship understanding is partial of a incomparable partnership between Razer and Valiant primogenitor association Immortals, formed in Los Angeles. Immortals teams also contest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2, Super Smash Brothers and mobile esports Clash Royale and Arena of Valor. Those final dual are notable, since while all a teams get peripherals as partial of a sponsorship, mobile players get Razer’s swanky-looking phones as well.

The Overwatch League is in a initial season, carrying launched in January. It consists of informal teams from around a universe personification Blizzard’s renouned team-based shooter Overwatch, and has brought national-level courtesy to esports alongside leagues in more-traditional games (including CS:GO.)

Both companies had a standard good things to contend about any other as partial of a proclamation this morning. The Valiant and a Seoul Dynasty are Razer’s sponsored teams in a OWL.

“Team Razer is committed to fostering a register of ardent and truly desirous esports players,” Razer co-founder and chief executive Min-Liang Tan pronounced in a statement. “Immortals and L.A. Valiant secrete a size of value that creates a partnership with them a healthy fit, and one that we are really vehement to support.”

Immortals’ response:

“Razer has prolonged determined a bona fides as a loyal lifestyle code opposite gaming and esports,” pronounced Noah Whinston, chief executive of Immortals and a Los Angeles Valiant. “We’re really vehement to embark on a tour with Razer to margin exam a peripherals line and new mobile gaming phone for both rise gaming opening and in bland life.”

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