Rarest and many costly singular book PS4 consoles (and where to buy them)

While it’s tantalizing to join a ranks of a Day One Elite whenever a new console initial releases, doing so means you’ll be stranded with a strange appurtenance for during slightest a while, potentially blank out on all a poetic redesigns and singular editions set to come in future… unless, of course, you’re a gourmet or have income to burn. If we tumble into possibly of these dual camps, prohibited damn has Sony got we covered. You don’t have to demeanour distant to get your fill of singular book PS4 consoles. And depending on a game/event any one was tied in with, many don’t strech too distant into a absurd to be deliberate an eye sore. 

However, a following PS4 consoles were dubbed ‘limited edition’ for a reason, customarily accessible during sell for a brief time before gradually gaining standing as a collector’s item. Here we’ve collected some of a rarest, many costly singular book PS4 consoles now floating around a online marketplace; those that are certain to tease a ambience buds of doctrinaire PS4 players. All are still accessible to buy in some capacity, either they’re pre-owned or still primitive in a box. Want a block of PS4 story that also plays a best PS4 games? Snap adult any one of these!

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro

The latest singular book PS4 console is also one of a boldest and brightest, really many in gripping with a eternal fun embodied by Marvel’s renouned wall-crawler. There are a integrate of opposite spec iterations depending on what segment you’re in, though a cultured for all of them facilities a unmissable new Spiderman trademark redesign from Insomniac’s open world, superhero epic. The ‘amazing red’ tinge is certainly eye-popping though ever feeling ornate as it sits in your console centre, and it’s matched by an disdainful controller also sporting a fortifying colour. Web-swinging in Marvel’s Spider-Man feels good, though it’ll feel even improved with this complement and a controller in your hands. And here’s where to find Spider-Man PS4 cheap, if we wish to squeeze a game.

Current UK cost – £387 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$588 new from Amazon.

2. Limited Edition ‘Days of Play’ PS4

Released to coincide with a launch of PlayStation’s singular time ‘Days of Play’ eventuality 2018, that saw 11 days of unmissable deals strike a store, this singular book PS4 console is a ideal instance of a ‘less is more’ sentiment. With a pointed PlayStation trademark sitting cosy in a top-right dilemma and a brand’s now-iconic controller buttons sitting front-and-centre, both elements are beautifully finished in bullion opposite a confidant nonetheless understated stately blue tone. There’s something utterly royal about this singular book in general, and as it customarily expelled this year, it won’t set we behind too many on a open market. 

Current UK cost – £348 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$344 new from Amazon.

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Special Edition PS4

While many might have waved goodbye to Nathan Drake with a certain grade of sadness, a detriment would have been malleable rather by commemorating a authorization with this beauty. The singular book PS4 expelled alongside Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is phony a cold and worldly gunmetal grey with customarily a spirit of blue, expected deputy of a some-more critical tinge benefaction in this final game. The tip facilities silk-screened pattern of Drake himself and a Uncharted trademark in bullion lettering, dull off by his ancestor’s motto: ‘Sic Parvis Magna’ or ‘greatness from tiny beginnings’. You can knowledge this mass adult tighten for roughly a £600-mark code new. Ouch.

Current UK cost – £599 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$385 new from Amazon.

4. 500 Million Celebration 2TB PS4 Pro

Now here’s a singular book that really many lives adult to that two-word moniker. Selling out roughly immediately after it went on ubiquitous recover customarily a few months ago (and a pre-orders were finished around a lottery), this singular book PS4 console was launched to applaud all PlayStation consoles (not customarily PS4) collectively offered 500 million units worldwide. It sports an certainly neat dim blue finish, joined with a unclouded pattern that allows we to see into a console’s technical innards – a initial for a singular book PS4! Its intensely desired inlet means it’ll will set we behind tighten to £1000 should we wish it. But hey, there are customarily 50,000 in existence after all. 

Current UK cost – £1250 new from Amazon. Or £800 on eBay.
Current US cost –
$915 new from Amazon. Or $879 on eBay.

5. Metal Gear Solid 5 Special Edition PS4

Chiefly desirous by a demeanour of Venom Snake’s robotic arm, as featured in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, this singular book PS4 is one for a loyal tactical espionage movement fans out there. Knowing that this would expected be his final Metal Gear (for genuine this time) Kojima wanted to applaud with something special. He did so by operative with Sony to recover this beautiful flush red singular book console, that also facilities a Diamond Dog trademark and bullion line fact using opposite it. Buying it now would cost we anywhere between £300-£500 – not bad deliberation it expelled good over 3 years ago now. 

Current UK cost – £540 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$740 new from Amazon. Or $638 from eBay.

6. Final Fantasy 15 Special Edition 1TB PS4

The diversion that would eventually spin out to be Final Fantasy 15 might have been stranded in growth ruin for tighten to 10 years, though that was some-more than adequate time to save adult and provide yourself to a applicable singular book PS4 console. The console doesn’t shake adult a colour palette too many remaining PS4’s signature black, though it’s all to make a many of a engraved lunar moon picture that sits block in a centre. On tip you’ll find a Final Fantasy 15 trademark laced in gold, with a names of a game’s 4 protagonists underneath. These days, shopping one will customarily set we behind around £500, nonetheless they can be found cheaper.

Current UK cost – £330 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$449 new from Amazon.

7. 20th Anniversary Special Edition PS4

Probably a rarest singular book PS4 console to underline on this list (although a 500 Million is a tighten second), a 20th anniversary special book hits like a nostalgia arrow right in a heart, being really many a adore minute to a strange PlayStation. Coming finish with PS4 camera and controller (both of that were eventually sole separately), they were never strictly expelled for squeeze to a public. People apparently wish what they can’t have, and a outcome was that they were sole for stupid income online behind in late 2014. Only 12,300 of them exist in a world, so you’ll need tighten to £1,000 to have one in your home. 

Current UK cost – £1190 new from Amazon. Or £1000 from eBay.
Current US cost –
$1194 new from Amazon. Or $1699 from eBay. Wait, what?

8. Destiny: The Taken King Special Edition PS4

When vanilla Destiny launched in 2014 it was creatively a customarily approach we could get yourself a white PS4. That, of course, eventually changed, though this strange appurtenance was distant surpassed by a recover of a Destiny: The Taken King special book roughly a year later. Guardians who purchased this console would have really had difficulty gripping their eyes up, let alone down a sights of their Exotic Scout rifle; a multiple of gold, glacier white, and tradition silk screened pattern looking overwhelming on a shelf. They are still accessible to buy new during around £600, and roughly half that if preowned.

Current UK cost – £599 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$397 new from Amazon.

9. God of War Special Edition PS4 Pro

It was a certainty we’d be treated to a glossy new singular book PS4 console to applaud Kratos’ lapse to form on PS4. Once we get over a fact that a side markings demeanour like an aged Sky TV remote from behind in a day, this God of War special book does a good pursuit during communicating a oppressive beauty of Norse parable we knowledge via a game. Finished in a colour reasonably called ‘Leviathan Grey’, Sony Santa Monica intentionally designed it to resemble Kratos’ new arch weapon. Its concomitant controller facilities a classical trademark block on a touchpad, there to remind we of a purpose you’ve stepped into each time we move adult a universe map. And if you’re looking for God of War inexpensive deals, we’ve got we covered.

Current UK cost – £355 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$850 new from Amazon.

10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Special Edition PS4 Pro

While a initial Star Wars Battlefront’s singular book Darth Vader console stays divisive to this day, it’s protected to contend that this one expelled in tandem with a supplement represents a poignant step adult in pattern quality. The PS4 Pro represents a healthy change of good vs immorality this time around, with a console featuring both a insurgency and galactic empire’s signature emblems sandwiching a low red Inferno squadron symbol. The controller also gets a lot of adore with a pattern of a Star Wars trademark gracing a touchpad, creation this special book a PS4 console you’ve been looking for. 

Current UK cost – £450 new from Amazon.
Current US cost –
$582 new from Amazon.

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