Rams exist Chiefs in highest-scoring ‘Monday Night Football’ diversion ever

LOS ANGELES — Instant classic.

That flattering many sums adult a much-hyped Monday night matchup that, well, lived adult to a hype as a Los Angeles Rams outscored a Kansas City Chiefs 54-51 in positively a many extravagantly interesting NFL descent blast ever staged during a ancestral Los Angeles Coliseum.

This, folks, is what a NFL wants we to see.

Fourteen touchdowns. A sum 1,001 yards. More than 100 points, with a final sum representing a many in “Monday Night Football” story and third-highest sum in any game. Eight lead changes. Two ties. Suspense. Signature moments galore. And dual fantastic 400-yard passers – Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff – left station during a end.

Mahomes threw for 6 touchdowns and 478 yards … and it still wasn’t enough. Not with 3 interceptions, including a pick-six, and dual mislaid fumbles.

Then again, notwithstanding a turnovers, he still had a possibility to win.

Goff, though, dismissed a 40-yard TD strike to Gerald Everett with 1:49 remaining – his fourth scoring pass – to yield a winning points.

And even that wasn’t a certain thing until a end.

Mahomes had dual final chances to convene a Chiefs in a final dual minutes, though any expostulate finished with interceptions on low throws downfield. Marcus Peters intercepted Mahomes with 1:28 left, afterwards Lamarcus Joyner hermetic a outcome with a collect with 13 seconds remaining.

Here’s to anticipating that we gamble a “over.”

Shoot, a over/under projection of 64 points was eclipsed approach behind in a third quarter.

And when one of those high-flying offenses didn’t modify on third down, it usually seemed plain weird.

So, too, was a fact that a defensive player, Rams linebacker Samson Ebukam, scored dual touchdowns – one on an 11-yard fumble-return and a other on a 25-yard interception runback – in a diversion dominated by offense.

Then again, uncanny was a good thing in many ways in a initial Monday night diversion in L.A. given 1979.

Three other things we schooled or confirmed:

1. Mahomes is unflappable

Whenever it seemed like a Chiefs’ immature gunslinger was staid to crack, he came behind for more. Both times when Mahomes mislaid fumbles on strip-sacks, afterwards again after throwing a pick-six, he responded by heading Kansas City on touchdown drives. And that was usually one thoughtfulness of his resilience as a Chiefs trailed 13-0 early, afterwards non-stop a fourth entertain in a 40-30 hole.

2. The “all-star” officiating organisation clearly wanted a shootout

The absurd penalties opposite Kansas City defensive backs early in a diversion – generally a shoulder-to-shoulder nonessential harshness call on an incompletion before a game’s initial touchdown – set a tone. And a flags weren’t accurately drifting both ways. By a finish of a initial quarter, a Chiefs were stung for 82 yards.

Not that some of a penalties weren’t deserved. But nor was a blatant skip of an incompletion to Tyler Higbee early in a third entertain – a round bounced off a territory and into a hands of a Rams parsimonious finish as he rolled over during a tumble – that increased a go-ahead TD drive.

3. You can usually wish to enclose Aaron Donald

The Rams’ beast defensive tackle left his fingerprints all over a diversion – and Mahomes – while demonstrating how tough it will be for Khalil Mack to forestall him for repeating as a NFL’s defensive actor of a year. Yes, there was some invulnerability sprinkled within a descent smorgasbord. After sketch a integrate of holding penalties, No. 99 constructed his initial strip-sack of a diversion late in a second entertain to furnish present points. Ebukam picked adult a lax football for an 11-yard walk-in TD return. Early in a third quarter, Donald crushed into Mahomes for a 16-yard sack-and-swat, recovered by linemate John Franklin-Myers to jump-start another TD drive.

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