Q&A: The Parts Market’s Digital Shift

The sale of automotive tools has undergone a vital shift over a past several years, generally by a channels of eBay and Amazon.

In December, Openbay assimilated in a e-commerce tools aftermarket, as they announced a partnership with eBay Motors to yield a accessibility of millions of searchable online tools and accessories. Through this service, businesses can research, source and acquire automotive tools directly by Openbay.

The preference includes genuine OEM automotive parts, white tag parts, inhabitant code aftermarket parts, remanufactured and used parts, as good as tools that are no longer manufactured.

Rob Infantino, owners and CEO of Openbay, spoke with Ratchet+Wrench to plead a partnership, and his opinions on how it can advantage eccentric automotive correct shops.


How did this partnership come to be?

We have been in astonishment of eBay for a prolonged time. When we consider of eBay, we consider of a bullion customary of online marketplaces.

We did a vital investigate where we interviewed over 185 shops. We found that over 50 percent of shops book their appointments some-more than dual days in advance. For a customers, 72 percent book in advance. If you’re a emporium owner, and we accept an appointment for a customer, we know their VIN, year, make and model, as good as a use they’re going to get. From there we can preorder a parts. If it’s an comparison car, infrequently those tools are tough to find, though if we go online we can substantially find them right away, and we can have them delivered subsequent day.

There’s a lot of synergy between this and what a business need. We felt that carrying an online tools catalog would use both sets of business on a platform.


Ultimately, what is a advantage of this partnership to automobile correct shops?

It’s an swap channel to research, source and acquire parts. They already have relations with NAPA and O’Reillly and AutoZone. In some cases, tools competence be tough to find, and if they have a time, they can buy them online. There is a poignant cost assets when shopping tools online. If we demeanour during a specific code and a specific partial number, it’s reduction costly to buy those tools online by eBay than by a internal room distributor.

Today business are armed with information before they buy their vehicle. They know a automobile they want, they’re prepared on a vehicle, and they know a cost they wish to pay. The sales repute during a dealership is during a disadvantage. If a patron doesn’t get a cost they want, they’ll go elsewhere. What’s function with automobile correct is that business are apropos most some-more prepared on what goes into their repair. They’re armed with this information. When they travel into a emporium and a emporium says it’s gonna cost X, and a consumer says, “I’ve finished my investigate and it should cost Y,” a shop’s during a disadvantage, and they’re not going to make a margins they suspicion they would.


You’ve pronounced a contentment of comparison vehicles among millennials translates to “a vast and flourishing event to use a singular patron segment.” What accurately did we meant by that?

Millennials paint a largest race in U.S. history, and they’re generally shopping an comparison car, 9 or 10 years old. They generally don’t like vocalization to anyone, they like doing things online. Shop owners who are savvy to align services to complicated day consumers are during an advantage if their websites offer singular or energetic facilities that can correlate with a consumers. If a website isn’t interacting with a consumer, they’re going to pierce on.

Many emporium owners have been stranded in time. They need to update their websites, and update a approach they do business. It’s a large event to gain on a approach millenials do business, if they make changes to a approach things are finished online.


Overall, what advantages does eBay Motors offer that a brick-and-mortar emporium cannot?

We’re not observant that we need to change your relations with your stream partial suppliers, we’re observant that there’s another choice out there for parts. In many cases, that choice competence be improved than a stream relations we have in place. The some-more choices we have, a improved decisions we can make. The ability to investigate tools online, find a cost and accessibility but vocalization to anyone is a large advantage.

A lot of tools grouping is spent on a phone. Sometimes tools are not accessible locally, so they have to keep job around. Being means to go online and check a year, make and model, that’s a extensive advantage. It unequivocally only streamlines a tools grouping process.

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