PS4 Update 5.50 Features Sweet Upgrade For PS4 Pro On 1080p TVs

PS4 firmware chronicle 5.50 has strictly entered beta, that means a really initial sum about a new refurbish have been revealed. This download is flattering many a can’t miss, Especially if you’ve got a PS4 Pro bending adult to a 1080p TV. Push Square offers a full rundown.

What creates this refurbish so quite appealing to 1080p PS4 Pro owners, though, is a serve of a system-wide Supersampling Mode. This radically means games that didn’t offer supersampling with their PS4 Pro updates before can now accept it on a complement level. Titles like Dishonored 2 and Metal Gear Solid V, for example, will describe 4K textures down to a turn that looks improved on your 1080p set. This doesn’t meant each non-Pro diversion can use supersampling, usually that all games with PS4 Pro support will be means to take advantage of supersampling if it wasn’t implemented already.

This gift relates to a sincerely tiny collection of titles overall, though it still shows a continued joining from Sony to yield all PS4 Pro business with a improved knowledge either they possess a 4K TV or not. You could contend a same thing about Boost Mode, that done improvements in support rates and bucket times on a PS4 Pro given final March.

In serve to system-wide supersampling, beta testers have also detected an enlargement of a Events underline called Teams. It allows groups of gamers to patrol adult and contest in tournaments opposite specific games. It’s misleading how mostly developers will take advantage of this underline deliberation Events are hardly used today, though it’s still good to offer parties a uninformed approach to play.

Beyond a dual biggest fixes, 5.50 offers an collection of quality-of-life fixes too. For example, you’ll during prolonged final be means to undo equipment from your squeeze library, including betas or demos that no longer work. Pesky notifications can also be entirely deleted in a notifications menu with a elementary press of a triangle button.

The refurbish also lets we censor purchases we no longer need. Photo: SIE/Push Square/YouTube

With beta contrast still underway, it’s probable some of 5.50’s finer facilities have nonetheless to be discovered, though we suppose these are a vital ones. If any serve commentary are disclosed, we’ll do a best to refurbish this article. That being said, like many new PS4 firmware updates, it doesn’t demeanour like a subsequent one does too many to reinvent a wheel. The Supersampling Mode is truly good for 1080p on Pro, though simple complement functionality stays mostly a same.

The 5.50 firmware refurbish is in beta now and will expected be expelled to a open in early Mar or late February.

Are we vehement for a PS4’s subsequent large refurbish formed on this list of features? What’s one underline you’d still adore to see? Tell us in a comments section!

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