PS4 sells 4 million in Japan

Sony’s PS4 has burst a 4 million sales separator in Japan. Not an immediately considerable number, though by distant a many successful of a large 3 (Wii U 3.28, XB1 0.07).

Here’s a list of a best-selling consoles in Japan, from top to lowest

millions sold

DS 32.99

Game Boy 32.47

PS2 23

3DS 21

PSP 20

PS1 19

NES 19


GBA 16

Wii 12.75

PS3 10.4

Saturn 5.8

N64 5.5

Vita 5

GameCube 4

Genesis 3.5

PS4 4

Wii U 3.28


PS4 still hasn’t seen a diversion impulse a one million mark. The top seller is currently Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during 0.49 and would we believe Knack has a #2 mark with 0.42? (pack-in games have magisterial numbers).

The common suspect GTA V takes third with 0.38 and we see out initial Japan-centric games Persona 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes: The World’s Tree Woe and a Wight Below during 4 and 5 with 0.37 each.


Platform Trends

The stream trend has really leaned heavily into mobile. The 3DS stumbled out of a embankment in North America, though did good adequate in Japan that it’s one of a few on a list to sell some-more in a East than anywhere else. Only a Vita and Saturn compare that feat, with a PSP entrance really tighten (JPN 20.01 NA 21.41).

The final customary console to mangle 10 million was a PS3 during 10.44. This came off a behind of a intensely successful PS2 ( World 157 JPN 23.18) and PS1 (World 104 JPN 19).

The 360 is one of a many successful North American consoles ever during scarcely 50 million, though could usually conduct 1.66 in Japan. The bizarre Xbox and XB1 have fared even worse during 0.53 and 0.07 respectively. Microsoft’s initial console was bulky, lacked Japanese-centric games and had to contest opposite a many successful console of all time (PS2: 157 Worldwide sales).

Nintendo is coming

Based on a recognition of unstable gaming, Nintendo’s Switch should do really good in Japan. Throw in a mainline Pokemon game and I’d envision a Switch simply holding over as a region’s widespread console. Depending on battery life of course.

Sony’s had a plain run over there though their buyer’s truth is too bashful on normal consoles during a moment. It’s bizarre to consider a nation that gave us a NES competence never come behind to entirely welcome the vital room roots.




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