PS4 Owners Get A Free Game To Play This Weekend With PS Plus

Good news, PS4 owners: if we have a PS Plus membership and live in a US or Europe, we can play Metal Gear Survive for giveaway this weekend. Between now and Monday, Jun 4, Konami is vouchsafing players download a giveaway hearing that contains a whole game. You can download a hearing here or by acid for Metal Gear Survive in a PlayStation Store on your PS4.

Any swell we make in a hearing can be eliminated to a full diversion if we confirm to buy it. And to inspire we to take a plunge, Konami is using a 30 percent bonus between now and Jun 8 on a PlayStation Store. That means we can buy it for $28 instead of a common $40.

Metal Gear Survive is a initial vital post-Kojima diversion set in a Metal Gear universe. It takes place after a events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes though before The Phantom Pain. You play as a member of Snake’s army who gets sucked by a wormhole to find yourself in a oppressive swap existence filled with demented zombie-like creatures. Here, health, hunger, and lust turn your evident concerns as we try out into a different in hunt of resources to stay alive.

The game’s reviews were mostly middling, though many reviewers found things to praise. In GameSpot’s Metal Gear Survive review, the censor found it some-more perfectionist and inferior than he would have liked, though noted, “There’s indeed a good presence diversion in there.” So if you’re a Metal Gear diehard, or are simply meddlesome in perplexing out a new presence game, this giveaway weekend is a good time to do it.

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