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A new No Man’s Sky ARG appears to be picking adult speed, with an proclamation approaching in a entrance weeks.

Part of a new ARG includes 16 cassette tapes being sent out to members of a NMS Reddit community, who have been bustling decrypting them.

The justification so distant suggests that portals are going to be combined to a game, nonetheless Hello Games have remained wordless via a process.

Portals are a gameplay underline that were betrothed by Hello Games though never entirely materialised as being partial of a active game.

Another ARG appears to be using during a same time and looks to be related to a other cassette-based one.

Waking Titan includes references to Atlas, while a latest discoveries seemed to be feeding off any other.

This includes a Waking Titan summary being triggered referencing that fasten 9/16 had been shipped, before it was perceived by a player.

That fasten had this summary on it, that seems to advise that something to do with Portals is being worked on for a subsequent No Man’s Sky update.

An solely from a tape, reads: “I can't step through. we know now that if we do, all of this will be over. Lives come behind to me. I’ve seen horrors and wonders. we have been cruel, we have turn good and evil. 

“I have grown over all such things, by a fractured life.

“And now we am turn you. One day, your voice will pronounce to you, revelation we of something, some vigilance that needs answering. It will tell we of some tip of a heart of reality, some nonplus that needs to be solved, lest all life falls into spoil and oblivion. Do not listen to it.”

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