PS4 E3 2017 News: Uncharted The Lost Legacy update, Spider-Man VR tease, God of War leak

Speaking of Spider-Man: Homecoming, another large PS4 diversion due to showcase some some-more gameplay during E3 2017 is Insomniac’s arriving game, initial showcased during E3 final year.

But forward of E3 2017, Marvel Entertainment’s Jay Ong – comparison clamp boss of games and creation during Marvel – spoke to Gamespot about a arriving PS4 game.

Interestingly, Ong suggested that game’s fit is unconditionally strange with no ties to any past or benefaction costumes from films, comic books or TV shows.

“Spider-Man’s dress in a game, for instance, is original, it’s conjunction a melodramatic dress nor is it from a comic books. The white spider pattern is totally original.”

More interestingly, Ong has also hinted during a inclusion of VR into destiny Marvel games, saying:

“We did a low dive in looking during a space towards a finish of final year, and it offers some flattering implausible opportunities, in terms of delivering unequivocally cold practice … we can’t contend anything yet, though trust me, we’re not shying divided from it.”

However, Ong didn’t clarify if it was a underline that could come to Spider-Man, that would no doubt be really cold as players pitch between buildings opposite New York City.

Last though by no means least, Ong also voiced his certainty in a game, notwithstanding display comparatively small from it so far, suggesting that it’ll be “one of a best games” on a PlayStation 4 when it’s expelled during some theatre after this year.

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