PS Plus v Xbox Games with Gold Aug 2018: The BEST month ever for giveaway games?

Kicking things off for Microsoft is Forza Horizon 2, that has a hugely considerable metascore of 86%. The visuals, open-world pushing and seamless multiplayer all accept a top praise.

It’s corroborated adult by Ubisoft’s m�lange multiplayer diversion For Honor, that notwithstanding pang a few issues during launch, still managed to measure 79%.

Things aren’t utterly as flushed for PS4 players, as Dead by Daylight usually manages to measure 64%, while Mafia 3 fares usually somewhat improved with 68%.

Both games have their strengths, of course, with Mafia 3 receiving high regard for a story. Dead by Daylight, meanwhile, is a small severe around a edges, though it does have some good ideas that interpret into sparkling multiplayer matches. 

While it’s a good month for giveaway games on both platforms, it’s Microsoft’s Xbox One that scores a feat in Aug 2018.

For Honor has come a prolonged approach given launch, and a uninformed injection of players should give a online fight a outrageous boost. Forza Horizon 2, on a other hand, is a bonafide classic, and one of a best racing games of this generation.

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