Priestahh, Maux, Simp, and Cellium win Hitch and UMG’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III reversion tournament

Davis “Hitch” Edwards and UMG hosted another $5,000 throwback tournament on Saturday, this time in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. And a startling organisation of players finished adult holding home a title. 

Chance “Maux” Moncivaez, Preston “Priestahh” Greiner, Chris “Simp” Lehr, and “Cellium” kick a former eUnited lineup—Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, and Peirce “Gunless” Hillman—to win the Black Ops III throwback tournament.

Prestinni showed off his skills with a M8 attack purloin in map one, Fringe Hardpoint—he went 63-44 to assistance his patrol win 226-209 to open a grand finals. But Priestahh and organisation answered right back, restraining adult a array with a feat on Stronghold Search and Destroy.

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The former eUnited patrol afterwards took Evac Uplink, 12-10, and Breach Capture a Flag, 4-2, to reset a joint and force a second best-of-five in a grand finals.

Gunless and organisation carried their movement into a second series, starting with a 250-187 feat on Evac Hardpoint—Prestinni, once again, led a run with 43 kills. But identical to a initial series, Maux’s patrol responded with a widespread 6-1 win on Infection Search and Destroy. 

Unlike a initial series, though, Priestahh’s group took a subsequent dual respawn maps to tighten out a reversion tournament. They won Fringe Uplink 13-5 behind Cellium’s 38-kill opening and Stronghold Capture a Flag to take a 3-1 array victory.

Although this was only an online reversion tournament, a lot of Call of Duty fans enjoyed removing to see some good gameplay from a classical installment in a renouned franchise. But now, a village will energetically wait for Oct. 12 when Black Ops 4 is strictly released.

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