Prey Twitter hints during an enlargement set on a moon

Well, this is a surprise. Arkane Studios’ immersive sim Prey landed final May and gave us a richly minute space hire to explore. That was a final we listened of it until this Friday, when a Prey Twitter comment forsaken a warn twitter above. It’s possibly seeking a philosophical doubt about space travel, or we’re headed for a moon.

As sharp-minded Prey players might recall, there’s indeed a anxiety in a game to a Pytheas trickery that “sits low in a void on a Lunar pole, henceforth shadowed and surrounded by kilometers of ice.” Sounds like a ideal place to set a creepy expansion. And Arkane has fashion here: Dishonored 2’s standalone enlargement Death of a Outsider came out scarcely a year after a game’s launch. It looks like Prey might be following suit.

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