Prey: Mooncrash DLC Confirmed by Bethesda

Sci-fi fear fans vagrant for some-more practice like System Shock and BioShock got a rarely expected Prey reboot final year. While there’s most to be pronounced about how those influences play off this creepy space adventure, Prey is still really most a inestimable entrance in a timorous lineup of new story-focused, single-player games.

For those of we anticipating to lapse to a universe of Morgan Yu and a Typhon, Bethesda announced a new DLC called Prey: Mooncrash during a E3 2018. The DLC brings rogue-like gameplay to Prey. It focuses on incidentally generated levels with randomized enemies and equipment with any playthrough. 

Mooncrash is out today!

Check out a proclamation trailer below:

As PC Gamer forked out, there’s really fashion for a revisit on a Moon. There’s a anxiety in a diversion to a Pytheas trickery that “sits low in a void on a Lunar pole, henceforth shadowed and surrounded by kilometers of ice.” It competence really good be this trickery that players will be exploring in a expansion. 

Arkane Studios also announced a new multiplayer mode entrance after this summer. It’s called Typhon Hunter, a 5v1 mode where one actor tries to tarry a assault of 5 shape-shifting enemies. 

Prey dropped a year ago, so it competence be startling to some to see Arkane dropping new calm this late in a game, though there’s fashion for that, too. After all, a studio expelled The Death of a Outsider enlargement about a year after a entrance of Dishonored 2.

We’ll keep we updated on Prey as we learn more! 

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