Prey: How Does The PS4 Pro Version Compare Against PC Maxed Out Settings On GTX 1080Ti


Arkane Studios’ Prey is an engaging box to analyze, generally given how a PC chronicle of Dishonored 2 incited out final year. Prey runs on an altogether opposite engine compared to Dishonored 2…Arkane have employed Crytek’s CryEngine as conflict to id Tech 5 this time around. This outlines a second time this year that a vital recover is regulating a CryEngine, a initial one being Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 that was rather of a brew bag.

However, Arkane have implemented a facilities of CryEngine in such a approach that we won’t even comprehend this is using on Crytek’s framework. The art style, a production involved, a impression models and stylish environments will all remind we of a Dishonored series. So, unless we missed out on a CryEngine/Crytek trademark during a intro, we will many expected assume that Prey is using on a Dishonored engine. ‘

Back to a subject during hand, how does a diversion transport on a PC and PS4 Pro? For this comparison, we motionless to smoke-stack adult a PC chronicle opposite a PS4 Pro build. In sequence to mislay intensity bottlenecks on a PC build, we motionless to use a GTX 1080Ti, 16GB of DDR4 memory and a Ryzen 7 1700 processor. This build will safeguard that a diversion will run during top graphical environment probable during 1080p resolution. The PC chronicle comes along with a decent series of graphical settings that includes Object Detail, Shadow Quality, Textue Quality, Anisotropic Filtering, Anti-aliasing, Screen Space Directional Occlusion and Screen Space Reflections Quality.

Comparing them side by side and it’s not tough to see that a PC chronicle advantages from aloft peculiarity shadows and improved anisotropic filtering. In contrast, a PS4 Pro chronicle suffers from reduce filtering quality. Object fact and hardness peculiarity are also improved on a PC…so overall, not a large warn that a diversion looks improved on PC. However, this is a acquire change from a several technical issues Dishonored 2 faced on a PC. The PC build also excels in providing a 60fps knowledge that is a diversion changer compared to a 30fps support aegis on a PS4 Pro. Given that this is a first-person shooter where quick movement is indispensable roughly each time, Prey on a PC feels like a totally opposite diversion due to a aloft support rate support.

However, a PS4 Pro chronicle feels like barebones chronicle of a bottom PS4. There doesn’t seem to be any improvements and no Pro specific modes are implemented. In short, we will get a same 1080p/30fps knowledge regardless on that PS4 we confirm to play a diversion on. This is intensely unsatisfactory since Arkane have done subsequent to no bid in providing some advantage for Pro owners…heck, they could have during a really slightest scaled a fortitude to 1440p. Even a bucket times are utterly bad on a PS4 Pro. It takes anywhere from 40 to 50 seconds to bucket a level…simply unsuitable in this era of gaming.

Prey’s non-existent Pro doing and a prolonged loading times seems identical to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, wherein a latter also did not have Pro specific modes or improvements and suffered from horrible loading times. Is this a problem within a CryEngine then? We are not certain though there is a trend here and it will be engaging to investigate destiny CryEngine games on a PS4 Pro.

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