Prey 2 Audio Logs Reveal Where Tommy’s Story Might Have Gone

Newly expelled audio logs from a cancelled supplement to 2006’s Prey have shone light on a diversion that never was.

Available to listen to here pleasantness of digital games curator Andrew Borman, a logs are uttered by Prey 2’s lead character, Killian Samuels. It suggests he would have teamed adult with a Tommy – a protagonist from a initial diversion – to shun Exodus.

“I’m not alone,” Samuels tells a log. “There’s another vital tellurian on this godforsaken rock. To tell a truth, we suspicion we was carrying another relapse during first. He walked right adult to me on a street, right onto a sea of visitor faces and usually hold out his hand. ‘I’m Tommy,’ he said. Like it was a many healthy thing in a world. Strange to hear genuine English again instead of a automobile translator. I’d roughly lost what it sounded like.”

The uploaded audio also exhibit a second chronicle of this log, that goes into some-more fact on how Tommy and Samuels would have met in a initial place.

“We’re not alone. After all this time we found another tellurian being on Exodus, or rather, he found me. Says his name is Tommy. we don’t know how a ruin he got here. Says he’s been travelling a prolonged time and he’s come here in hunt of a Sphere. we don’t know where a ruin this guy’s been hiding.

“Slave ships stopped using shortly after we got here. None of a people they brought from Earth survived for some-more than a year solely for me. That was – God that was decades ago. Tommy says he’s usually been on Earth for a few hours. Clothes demeanour code new. Right now we don’t know what to think.”

Before Arkane’s reimagining of Prey in 2017, a supplement to a strange diversion was on a cards. Prey 2 was creatively in growth during 3D Realms and afterwards eliminated to Human Head after Bethesda’s primogenitor company, Zenimax Media, bought a rights to a series. However, in 2014 Bethesda rigourously swung a mattock on a sequel, observant it didn’t accommodate a expectations.

Arkane’s reboot of a array kept zero from a strange game, definition these audio logs are a usually spirit we have of how a lax ends in Tommy’s story would have been tied up.

To look serve behind a screen of Bethesda’s growth studios, check out this video of Wolfenstein and Dishonored’s developers personification any other’s games or corkscrew by a slideshow above to see stills from Arkane’s subsequent game, Deathloop.

Alysia Judge is a freelance author and presenter. Chat to her on Twitter @alysiajudge.

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