Press your fitness with Pokémon Sun & Moon’s new Global Mission

Ever given Pokémon Sun Moon came out, Global Missions have been a tad tricky. To make things a small easier, a newest one is centered around a several lottery booths we can have in your Festival Plaza, and they’re usually seeking for 1,000 plays!

The prizes aren’t bad either:

“If a idea of 1,000 lottery plays is reached, all who contributed will acquire 2,000 Festival Coins. Pokémon Global Link members will acquire 4,000. Festival Coins as good as 5 Rare Candies and a Fast Ball, that is useful for throwing Pokémon that run divided quickly. PGL members usually need to attend in one lottery to acquire this reward.”

You have until Aug 8th during 4:59 p.m. PST to attend in this mission.

It looks like it’s time to foot adult your save files for Pokémon Sun Moon! Plus, we competence wish to do some throwing and training, as Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon’s Nov recover will be here before we know it.

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