Press Start: The best games releasing in 2017

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A clever year of video diversion releases is behind us, though don’t fret; an equally considerable year full of overwhelming video games is usually ahead.

With a PlayStation 4 Pro in circulation, Microsoft’s puzzling Project Scorpio console set to launch in reduction than a year and new video diversion franchises and approaching sequels releasing in 2017, gamers should really be vehement for what’s in store.

Here are 6 rarely approaching games reliable or approaching to launch in a new year. “God of War,” Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man title and other recently announced darlings aren’t enclosed given they expected won’t launch until 2018.


At a tip of scarcely everyone’s can’t-wait-to-play list is “Horizon: Zero Dawn.” The grounds alone is tantalizing: In an open, post-apocalyptic world, a genealogical lady with red dreads hunts drudge dinosaurs. What some-more do we need to know?

For those still not convinced, a diversion reportedly has plain fight mechanics and controls, role-playing elements and ability trees, a accumulation of weapons and ammo, an huge explorable environment and more. we could see myself pouring dozens of hours into “Horizon” when it launches during a finish of February.


“Cuphead” is a surprising outcome we get when developers try to spin old-timey cartoons into a video game. Imagine a strange “Mickey Mouse” episodes in gaming form and we have an thought of what “Cuphead” during slightest looks and feels like.

The environments and art alone are adequate to make “Cuphead” a standout title, though previews uncover it should be a plain game, too. “Cuphead” will be a punishing knowledge that focuses on severe trainer battles. Cooperative multiplayer will usually supplement to a fun.


Imagine a rival multiplayer diversion where dual teams duke it out, though instead of regulating guns as in many multiplayer games, players use swords. That’s “For Honor,” and it’s awesome.

Players can reportedly select to play as knights, samurai or Vikings and take to battlefields with accurate third-person controls to take down easy, computer-controlled enemies. Of course, other players will be on a map, and bouts spin into lethal sword duels where any pitch has weight. It looks thrilling, and I’m vehement to give it a try for myself when it releases in February.


“We Happy Few” is already out on Steam early access, though a final diversion will presumably launch this year, I’m extraordinary what all a hullabaloo is all about.

Based on trailers from E3, “We Happy Few” looks like a “BioShock”-inspired diversion that toys with a thought of psychology. In a environment that looks like a dystopian 1960s England, residents take pills called “joy” that make a universe seem most happier than it indeed is. The protagonist of “We Happy Few” stops holding his pills, and as a fake existence crumbles away, everybody becomes his enemy. It’s an engaging concept, creation “We Happy Few” value gripping on your radar.


I don’t possess any Nintendo consoles besides my handheld 3DS, and I’m not shopping one for a singular game, though a subsequent “Legend of Zelda” game, “Breath of a Wild,” looks stellar.

It stars a same Link we’ve famous and desired for decades, though “Breath of a Wild” looks to enhance on a series’ mechanics while staying loyal to what creates it a “Zelda” game. Combat looks better, a universe is open and explorable, and a diversion seems to underline some-more role-playing mechanics than prior games in a authorization offered. It stays to be seen if “Breath of a Wild” will launch in 2017, though here’s hoping.


“Red Dead Redemption 2” is a lapse to a Wild Western environment Rockstar gave us years ago, and fans are stoked.

It’s all though reliable that “Red Dead 2” will be a prequel, presumably starring protagonist John Marston and a squad he had left by a start of a strange game. All we know is a trailer shows a breathtakingly pleasing environment we can’t wait to try on horseback.

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