Predictions of What We’ll See from Microsoft during E3 2017

E3 is coming, and that means there is no necessity of rumours drifting around about what will and won’t be shown. Here during CGMagazine, we’ve sat down and put a heads together and have done a list of what we consider Microsoft competence expose this year. Let’s take a demeanour during what we consider competence be shown during this year’s conference.

Sea of Thieves

Shown off for a final dual years, Sea of Thieves sails by Microsoft’s E3 presentations. Promising users with a high seas journey where players could make a name for themselves, Sea of Thieves was off to a good start. Since then, Sea of Thieves has left Early Access on PC giving fervent players a possibility to set sail. This year, we’re looking during Rare to showcase only how distant they’ve come in a game’s development, and maybe announce an central recover date. With a guarantee of a possibility to emanate a possess bandit legends, and to be means to set cruise on a boat with a organisation of friends, we can’t wait to set sail.

State of Decay 2

Announced final year as an Xbox and Windows exclusive, this zombie presence diversion is due out someday this year. Promising a village of characters for players to manage, a singular story for any player, and a universe that remembers a choices we make, State of Decay 2 is moulding adult to be a subsequent good diversion for player’s looking for their zombie murdering fix. Did we discuss a diversion has online commune where we and 3 friends can work together to try and tarry a zombie hordes? We’re gripping an eye on this one.


This diversion was announced approach behind during Microsoft’s 2014 E3 conference. Since then, Cuphead has been tormented with delays and pushbacks as a developers unequivocally excellent balance a game. Expect this diversion to lead Microsoft’s “Xbox Live Creators Program” shred that aims to prominence all a extraordinary indie games entrance to Xbox. Here during CGMagazine, we got to try out Cuphead. This diversion has been on a radar for a while now and it would be extraordinary to finally get a recover date.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is another diversion that was initial announced behind during E3 2014. Last year, Crackdown was given a 2017 recover date. Given that it has been radio overpower on a diversion given a announcement, there’s a good possibility it competence be a title diversion for Microsoft this year. With designed earthy and destructible environments, it’s utterly probable that Scorpio will have a energy indispensable for this game. Waiting for a recover of Scorpio would make clarity for because Crackdown has been behind this long. Here’s anticipating that Crackdown creates an coming this year.

We Happy Few

This diversion took all of us during E3 on a outing to a drugged-out universe when it was showcased during final year’s presentation. Placing us in a universe where everybody is happy and fun is taken as a pill, We Happy Few has players perplexing to mix in and tarry as they expose only how unfortunate a universe is. Taking a opposite instruction from normal presence fear games, and forcing players to mix in with a disfigured society, We Happy Few looks like a uninformed take on a presence fear genre that we can’t wait to get a hands on. Here’s anticipating developer Compulsion Games takes us behind to Wellington Wells during this year’s E3.

Project Scorpio

So this one isn’t unequivocally a game, though Microsoft has been teasing a newest member of their Xbox line for a prolonged while now. Featuring 6 teraflops of graphical estimate energy and earnest a loyal 4K gaming experience, it will be good to finally get a full recover of this console. Between a growth kits being expelled and a fibre of teaser trailers for a console that have been posted on a Xbox Twitter revelation viewers to balance into a Xbox E3 conference, it’s flattering protected to assume Scorpio is creation an appearance.


In 2015, Microsoft came on theatre to expose us Minecraft being played on their churned existence glasses. HoloLens was absent from final year’s E3 though that doesn’t meant that growth on it has stopped. With Scorpio on a horizon, will Microsoft’s new console have a energy to move HoloLens into a vital rooms? Seeing HoloLens during this year’s E3 would unequivocally enrich Microsoft’s idea of bringing gamers a latest and strongest technology.

These are only a few of a titles we consider Microsoft are going to underline in their display this year. What do we consider of a choices? Think we missed something or consider we’re wrong? Let us know what your picks are for this year’s E3.

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