Police continue to follow Pokémon Go

Every day, military officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and nonevents, many of that never make a news. Here is a sampling of lesser-known — though no reduction notable — incidents from military record books (a.k.a. blotters) in a suburbs.


The protracted existence diversion Pokémon Go still has people erratic a streets with their smartphones during all hours of a day and night, with military infrequently alerted to their comings and goings. At 2:03 a.m. May 6, for example, Burlington military checked on a questionable automobile seen in Chestnut Hill Cemetery on Bedford Street. Just before 1 a.m. Jun 16, Franklin police found a male sitting in a automobile during a selling piazza parking lot during 270 Franklin Village Drive.Both nightly forms were Pokémon Go players whom officers asked to pierce along. Two days later, Hopkinton military checked on a automobile on Main Street. Again, a record entrance told a same tale: “Looking for Pokémon.” At 9:27 p.m. Jul 5, Milford military responded to a suit alarm going off behind an bureau building on Water Street, set off, it incited out, by dual people in a automobile personification a game. In Stow, it seems a diversion can really draw a crowd. At 6 p.m. Jul 24, military there stopped to check on a organisation of 15 people congregating underneath a tree on a reduce common on Great Road. Pokémon Go players, of course, whom military asked to disperse.


On Jul 12, Raynham military and glow were asked to support a chairman sealed out of a automobile outward a veterinary sanatorium on South Street. Time was of a hint since a pet pig was sealed inside. Police Chief James Donovan rode to a rescue. “Yes, it was a pet pig,” he pronounced in an e-mail to a Globe, “and we was means to transparent a automobile before a [fire department] arrived.”



It’s summertime, and inlet is in full flower — except, that is, where a flower vandals abide. It happened to a Wakefield resident on a Fourth of July, according to a news filed with military a successive day. Not a initial time either, a proprietor reported, and there was something of an extenuating business in that a “flowers” were plastic. It happened in Norwood July 28, according to an Edgehill Road proprietor who reported that someone cut her flowers down. And it was reported in Beverly Jul 12 by a proprietor who reported that while he was away, someone cut several of his flowers and shrubs, murdering some of them. This sold complainant had suspects in mind — his neighbor and her boyfriend, whom he pronounced he held messing with his plants in a past. According to a record entry, a officer spoke to a neighbor, “who denied any appearance in a pruning, other than what grows over a skill line onto her side.” The officer serve reported that a repairs “was clearly from someone reaching into or walking onto [the] victim’s property.” The plant was suggested to speak with his neighbors and deposit in a confidence camera to request any destiny incidents.


At 8:12 p.m. Jul 11 a military officer and sergeant were on Derby Street in Salem when a lady came using over to them, fluttering her arms and yelling, “The guy’s drunk, he roughly killed us.” She forked to a blue Dodge parked circuitously that had a prosaic tire and repairs to a left front and side, afterwards to a car’s purported driver. He valid to be a 55-year-old Salem male who according to a military record entrance had formerly been convicted of handling underneath a change 10 times and for pushing after his permit had been revoked 12 times. Indeed, military said, it was now revoked, and officers found that he was carrying Lorazepam, that is used to provide stress and other disorders, in a transparent cosmetic bag. After administering margin seriousness tests, military charged him with handling underneath a change (11th and successive offense), handling after reversal (13th and successive offense), and bootleg possession of a Class C tranquil substance.

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