Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Getting Steelbook Dual Pack

[UPDATE] The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon steelbook twin container is also accessible for preorder in a US exclusively on Amazon. The gold is listed for $80.

The strange story follows below.

The subsequent span of Pokemon titles, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are slated to arrive for 3DS on Nov 17, and like their predecessors, it looks like players who wish both versions will be means to obstacle a bundle. Amazon Canada has listed a special book steelbook twin container for $100 CAD.

Like a steelbook gold for a strange Sun and Moon versions, a Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon twin container includes a earthy duplicate of both games and facilities a new forms of a Legendary cover monsters, Solgaleo and Lunala, adorning a outdoor sides of a steelbook case. You can see images of a steelbook, taken from a Amazon product page, below.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were revealed during a special Pokemon Direct broadcast a week before E3 2017, yet sum on a games are still scant. According to array executive Junichi Masuda, a arriving span are set in a same universe as a initial Sun and Moon yet tell an “alternate story.” The games also embody new features, yet Masuda didn’t elaborate on what those entail. He did, however, endorse that some Pokemon that didn’t seem in a strange Sun and Moon versions can be found in a arriving pair.

While Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon might be disdainful to 3DS, Nintendo has suggested dual other Pokemon titles that are on a approach for Switch. The first, Pokken Tournament DX, is a fine chronicle of a Wii U/arcade fighting diversion and releases for a complement on Sep 22. Nintendo also reliable during a E3 display that Game Freak is already building a new mainline Pokemon RPG for a hybrid console, yet it “may not arrive for some-more than a year.”

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