Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon’s Fourth Global Mission Focuses On Poké Beans

By Jenni . Feb 6, 2018 . 10:00am



A new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Global Mission has begun. This time, people will need to conduct to a Poké Pelago frequently to collect Poké Beans. The goal, suggested around a Global Link website, is for everybody worldwide to collect 30,000,000 Poké Beans by Feb 19, 2018.


As usual, people are rewarded either a fourth Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Global Mission is accomplished. If people win, varying amounts of Festival Coins are awarded depending on either or not people have purebred their duplicate of a diversion with a Pokémon Global Link. If we have not, we acquire 2,000 coins. If we have, a prerogative is 4,000 coins. Should players be incompetent to collect 30,000,000 Poké Beans, afterwards usually 1,000 Festival Coins will be doled out.


As a reminder, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s third Global Mission tasked people with winning 100,000 Battle Agency fights in Jan 2018. Everyone pulled together and succeeded. Everyone who participated warranted 2,000 Festival Coins, yet those who purebred with a Pokémon Global Link by a finish of a goal warranted 4,000 Festival Coins.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are accessible for a Nintendo 3DS.

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