Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon special book includes additional potions

There’ll be reanimate to pay.

Published 12/07/2017

Nintendo has announced a special book chronicle of a arriving Pokmon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that includes additional in-game potions.

The Ultra Dual Edition of a games includes earthy copies of both titles in a special Steelbook case, and download codes for 50 potions to use in any game.

Potions are a sincerely customary object in a series, used for recovering Pokmon during battle. Still, carrying an additional 100 on palm from a off will expected make things easier.

Alternatively, there will be a Fan Edition accessible of any game. Each chronicle of this will come with a possess Steelbook. You won’t get any giveaway refreshment DLC, though.

Pokmon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon arrive for 3DS on 17th November.

Each is an updated chronicle of final year’s Pokmon Sun and Moon, and will again see players movement around a pleasant segment of Alola. It’s misleading during this indicate accurately what a differences between a games are, or how good they will be.

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