Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon get dim — literally — in new trailer

The Pokémon Company has mostly kept sum about November’s Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, that follow final year’s Pokémon Sun and Moon, tighten to a vest. The game’s latest trailer changes that up, introducing us to some new Ultra Beasts, and a city and storyline that looks a whole lot darker than a final revisit to a Alola region.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will take players to a new realm, promulgation them by what’s called an “ultra wormhole” to find a together star to Alola. Once during a collateral city of Ultra Megopolis, it’s transparent that something’s off: Necrozma, a many puzzling mythological from a prior seventh-gen titles, has darkened a whole Pokémon world, robbing it of a light sources.

An rivalry force called a Ultra Recon Squad looks to distinction off this catastrophe, seeking out auras that emanate from some of Bizarro Alola’s many absolute Pokémon trainers. (This, presumably, will embody a actor character.) In Ultra Sun, a group is headed adult by Dulse and Zossie; in Ultra Moon, we’ll take on Soliera and Phyco.

There are also several new Ultra Beasts, a not-quite-Pokémon entities that caused difficulty in Sun and Moon, unresolved around this vexed land. These are a poison-type UB Adhesive, a fire/ghost-type UB Burst and a rock/steel-type UB Assembly. Each one has a ability Beast Boost, and we suppose they’ll give us a runaround when perplexing to locate them during a adventure.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will launch on Nov. 17 on Nintendo 3DS.

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