Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s Postgame Pales in Comparison to the Predecessors

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon has been out for a integrate weeks, that means that many players have substantially done it to a good pieces by now—the endgame extras that make Pokemon’s “third versions” value playing.

I finally done it to Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon’s endgame shortly before Thanksgiving, after that we set out to see all that it had to offer. Unfortunately, while Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon unequivocally have some cold features, they can’t utterly compare adult to a likes of Pokemon Emerald, Platinum, or Black 2/White.

Actually, many of a many critical differences in this entrance are in a story itself. In a tradition of prior “third versions,” a grand culmination is dramatically opposite this time around. Instead of holding on a deteriorated and offensive Lusamine, we instead transport by a wormhole into Ultra Space to conflict Ultra Necrozma—probably a hardest imperative story conflict of any Pokemon ever.

Hope you’ve been leveling your group up.

Stuck with whatever you’re means to raise, and with no Solgaleo or Lunala to offer as a lie code, you’re good to get rolled by Ultra Necrozma’s positively inhuman attacks. All things considered, it’s indeed kind of a cold challenge, yet maestro players are good to see it as an vitriolic rubbish of time as they try to get to a indicate where they can import their possess monsters (I know we kind of did).

Once we get past Necrozma and better a Elite 4, you’re left with a handful of options. You can take on a Battle Agency, a new plea were we can exam your eagerness with randomly-assigned Pokemon. You can snap some cinema of your monsters during a Alola Photo Club—a novel if rather shoal take on Purikura print booths in Japan. You can dive into a Ultra Wormholes and try to get some glossy monsters while capturing comparison legendaries. You can find out Totem Stickers and constraint supersized versions of a handful of monsters. Or we can take on Team Rainbow Rocket.

Of all a additions, it’s Team Rainbow Rocket that maybe best exemplifies a ways that Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon falls brief of a predecessors. There’s zero wrong with a mode itself, of course. It’s eventually a brief though honeyed reward cave in that we conflict any of a mean leaders from prior Pokemon games—a fun and sentimental outing by a games of a past.

If we occur to be personification by Pokemon for a initial time, these bosses are a important challenge. All have monsters in a turn 60 range, and they lift legendaries to boot. But if we occur to have turn 100 monsters in your stable, you’ll fume them though any problem. Then, before we know it, it’s over.

And that’s eventually a problem with Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon—it doesn’t offer many for a modernized players who will be many tempted to double dip.

At slightest Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire had Super Contests and Secret Bases.

This is generally unsatisfactory given a prior “third versions” have all featured singular hurdles for long-time players. In Pokemon Emerald and Platinum, there was a extraordinary Battle Frontier—an swap joining with a horde of singular challenges, including bracket-style tournaments opposite comparably absolute trainers. Emerald also had singular Secret Bases where we could conflict trainers sporting turn 100 monsters, that was an extraordinary proceed to sight adult Pokemon.

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, meanwhile, had a superb Pokemon World Tournament, that featured randomized tournaments opposite each gym personality and and champion that had seemed in a array to that point. As many as we enjoyed my sentimental battles opposite Team Magma and Teaam Plasma, it paled in comparison to what a Pokemon World Tournament had to offer.

In that vein, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon seems to be geared toward a hardest of hardcore collectors who need all of a new beast variants; a hardcore rival battlers who usually wish a new in-game moves, and a newcomers who missed out on a strange Sun and Moon (in that case, hey, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is unequivocally an upgrade).

For everybody else? Eh.

I do devise to take a time to constraint some of a new monsters so that we can turn out my collection; though otherwise, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon leaves me flattering cold as a hardcore actor with a collection dating behind to Ruby/Sapphire.

Having mostly late from rival battling, and with no genuine engaging in capturing all 700+ monsters, I’m mostly left to constraint a legendaries we don’t have and crawl out. There’s zero to aspire to in this version: No Super Contests, no Pokestar Studios, no Battle Frontier, no singular ribbons. Even a Battle Agency leaves my normal group sitting on a sideline.

For a era that’s differently flattering awesome, it’s kind of a disappointment.

Can’t this be DLC?

The End of Pokemon’s Third Versions

I’ve been harping on this given Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon came out, though I’ll contend it again: this should unequivocally be a final time that we see a “third version” in this series. In a end, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is only an additional vast DLC pack, and that’s about it.

Someone on Twitter indeed had a flattering decent choice going forward: Make entries like Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon into Game of a Year editions, and recover a new calm as DLC for anyone who has already bought in.

But however Game Freak decides to proceed a subsequent generation, they need to chuck a bone to solo players with absolute monsters. They already have a template in Pokemon Emerald, Platinum, and Black 2/White 2. They only need to move it back.

They had that event with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. You could even see a figure of it in a lapse of Battle Agency, that was one of a some-more beguiling attractions during a Battle Frontier. Too bad they didn’t go all a way.

As it is, it’s a fun though singular enlargement pack, though not many else. And for high turn solo players like myself, there’s only not adequate to clear a squeeze this time around.

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