‘Pokémon a Movie: The Power of Us’ Comes Westward With Limited Theatrical Run This Fall

The Pokémon Company announced Monday that a latest “Pokémon” movie, that expelled in Japanese theaters progressing this year, will be entrance westward as “Pokémon a Movie: The Power of Us.”

The feature-length anime display is set in an strange timeline featuring a new and singular art style, new characters, and a resources of other fun surprises for fans. Continuing final year’s “Pokémon a Movie: we Choose You,” it follows immature tutor Ash as he journeys with his signature Pikachu partner and continues his Pokémon-capturing adventures. The film takes place in a strand city of Frau City, where an annual festival celebrating Lugia is hold any year in bend of a creature, as it saved a city from certain doom years prior.

When a festival’s provision is put during risk, Ash contingency group adult with others in Frau City to move it to fruition, while confronting off opposite a review of Pokémon, and assembly some other informed faces. The film will heavily underline a Electric-type Mythical Pokémon Zeraora, that debuted in “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.”

The arriving charcterised film clearly references a progressing “Pokémon” film “Pokémon a Movie: 2000,” also featuring a underline “The Power of One.” With both facilities including a Legendary Pokémon Lugia, a pointed curtsy is expected a fun Easter egg for longtime fans.

“Pokémon a Movie: The Power of Us” will run as a singular melodramatic rendezvous around Thanksgiving, with dates on Nov. 24, 26, 28, and Dec. 1. Tickets are being sole by Fathom Events, with sale dates entrance soon.

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