Pokémon Sword and Shield Zarude: Everything we know about a Mythical Pokémon, including ability Leaf Guard, explained

Zarude is a Mythical Pokmon entrance to Sword and Shield.

Announced on Pokmon Day in 2020, Zarude is a initial new Mythical announced as partial of a Galar Pokdex.

Though we don’t know when or how Zarude will be combined to Sword and Shield, we have some ideas formed on prior Mythical releases, that can assistance us slight down what to expect.

On this page:

  • What is Mythical Pokmon Zarude and a ability Leaf Guard?
  • How do we get Zarude in Pokmon Sword and Shield?

What is Mythical Pokmon Zarude and a ability Leaf Guard?

Zarude, a ‘rogue gorilla Pokmon’, is a Dark and Grass type, and has a following statistics:

  • Zarude Type: Dark / Grass
  • Zarude Ability: Leaf Guard
  • Zarude Height: 1.8m
  • Zarude Weight: 70kg

As remarkable above, it has a ability Leaf Guard. First introduced during Gen 4, this ability prevents Zarude from being influenced by standing conditions during balmy weather.

As a name suggests, it’s an ability common to many Grass types.

What is Zarude like in a healthy habitat? The Pokmon Company provides a following dual descriptions:

“It can grow vines from a behind of a neck, a wrists, and a soles of a feet during will. The vines are clever and flexible. They can be used to hang around tree branches to pierce around or to squeeze Berries from apart branches. They’re useful for many opposite situations. The vines also have a recovering property. If a vines are wrapped around a wound, it will heal.”


“Zarude lives in a container low in a heart of unenlightened forests. It treats anyone that isn’t partial of a container with evident hostility, aggressive right away. This is because other Pokmon that live in a same timberland are fearful of Zarude. When fighting it swings around regulating trees and their branches, aggressive relentlessly with a pointy nails or any other means it has. Its discerning wit helps it surpass in battles.”

2020 has seen a few new announcements – such as Mythical Zarude, a ability to transfer Pokmon to Pokmon Home, news of a Sword and Shield Expansion Pass and a recover of Gigantamax Toxtricity.

Elsewhere, a Pokmon Sword and Shield walkthrough gives an overview of a game.

Otherwise, we cover all from a Wild Area, starters Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey, lists of all TM locations and TRs, all Galarian forms and a Legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta.

How do we get Zarude in Pokmon Sword and Shield?

As of Zarude’s initial reveal, The Pokmon Company has nonetheless to endorse how your hands on a Mythical Pokmon, usually saying it “can’t be found by normal gameplay”.

That this expected means is it will usually be accessible by a giveaway or a special event, that will be announced in due course.

As an instance of what we competence expect, Sun and Moon’s Magearna was accessed by scanning a QR code. There were some prerequisites for this; codes were segment locked, and players had to get entrance to a QR scanner in-game before they could entrance it.

The Switch doesn’t have a camera to indicate QR codes, so a deployment would be opposite to this – so maybe it’ll be an online giveaway presumably by a diversion or presumably Pokmon Home.

What all this also expected means is we won’t need to get your hands on a Expansion Pass either, so all Pokmon Sword and Shield players in speculation should have entrance to Zarude when it arrives.

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