Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here’s all we know so far

Jump behind into a star of Pokemon with Pokemon Shield and Sword.


Pokemon might have turn synonymous with a strike Pokemon Go mobile game, or a Detective Pikachu film that came out in May. But fans are already looking brazen to a subsequent large thing: Pokemon Sword and Shield.

There’s a lot to get vehement about in these new games, that will embody hoards of new Pokemon monsters in an refurbish called “Gen 8.” Firstly, it’s a new-generation Pokemon diversion grown privately for a Nintendo Switch. Secondly, we don’t have to wait too long. Nintendo says it’ll be out before a finish of a year.

That means we’re expected to get some suacy Pokemon information during a annual E3 show, a world’s biggest gaming convention, that takes place in Los Angeles from Jun 11 to 13.

Nintendo typically announces large new games during a show. Last year, a association focused on hammering home how overwhelming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be, yet it also announced a few big-name games like Super Mario Party and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We don’t know for certain that Nintendo will yield us to a Sword and Shield philharmonic during E3, yet it would make sense.

Until then, though, here’s all we know about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Do pass Go

Sword and Shield aren’t a initial Pokemon games grown privately for a Switch. They follow Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Let’s Go: Eevee, reimagined versions of 1998’s well-regarded Pokemon Yellow.

The Let’s Go games were fun, yet distinct a “proper” Pokemon games in a array in a few ways. There were no “random encounters,” with Pokemon scuttling about in front of we instead of stealing in a high grass. You also couldn’t have your lerned Pokemon conflict furious Pokemon, we could customarily conflict other people’s Pokemon. You also gained knowledge by throwing Pokemon regularly like we do in Pokemon Go.

As we substantially guessed, Pokemon Sword and Shield reverts to a personification character of old. The trailer shows a courageous Pokemon tutor removing into a pointless encounter-style fight with a Pikachu, with no Go-style throwing depicted.

This expected means a harder knowledge than that found in a Let’s Go games, which, while a pleasure to play, presented roughly no plea whatsoever to a PokeMasters among us.

Another Let’s Go underline noticeably absent from a Sword and Shield trailer is rideable Pokemon, that transposed bikes and moody skills (known in a games as HMs).

Welcome to Galar

The latest game’s segment is loosely formed on a UK.


Sword and Shield take place in a segment of a Pokemon star famous as Galar. Based on central Nintendo art, Galar looks positively huge, and a trailer presumably customarily gave us a ambience of what opposite sights are within. But from what small we’ve seen, it’s already apparent a segment is loosely formed on a UK.

Each of a 7 preceding Pokemon regions have been formed on tangible cities and areas. While Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnohh (Gen 1 to Gen 4 regions) are all desirous by opposite tools of Japan, a Pokemon group has looked during general regions to bottom newer games on. Unova (Pokemon Black and White) had a New York City vibe to it, while Kalos (Pokemon X and Y) took on France and Alola (Pokemon Sun and Moon) was a transparent take on Hawaii.

The launch trailer depicts scenes that positively demeanour British, with fields suggestive of England’s panorama and buildings that demeanour like English manors.

Plus, a northernmost city in a aforementioned segment design has a clocktower, a ferris circle and a bisecting, Thames-like river. We’re presumption a housing marketplace in a city is reasonably unaffordable.

A new start

Pokemon has altered a lot given 1996’s Red and Blue, yet one member hasn’t: You still select between a fire-, grass- or water-type starter Pokemon.

Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey are your 3 options here. Each was profiled quickly in a Sword and Shield exhibit trailer.

Scorbunny is a bipedal white rabbit with red-tipped ears and feet. It harbors a energy of glow within, yet also looks like it could develop into a fighting type, like Gen 3’s Blaziken. Then there’s Sobble, a cat-like water-type Pokemon that has a ability to deception itself. The small man doesn’t demeanour really assured in itself, yet in a Pokemon star that mostly means a extreme expansion looms.

Finally there’s a grass-type, that is customarily kind of lame. we can’t trust I’m observant this, yet in Gen 8 a grass-type Pokemon indeed looks a coolest. It’s Grookey, a immature gorilla associate who scares off Sobble in a trailer by violence his hang into a stone like a impertinent gorilla soldier bashing a fight drum.

Though we saw many Pokemon from prior games, these 3 are a customarily Gen 8 creatures we’ve been shown so far. 

Scorbunny, a glow type.


Sobble, a H2O type.


Grookey, a weed type. 


Everything else

The Game Boy experience: While we can play these games on your TV, they’ve been designed to support some-more to a handheld Switch experience. That’s according to Shuntaro Furukawa, boss of Nintendo.

“Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee! … are designed to prominence a fun of Nintendo Switch in TV mode,” he pronounced during Nintendo’s Q1 2019 mercantile formula briefing, while “Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are being grown to stress a fun of personification Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.”

Two forms of training: The trailer for Sword and Shield reveals several glimpses of trains. This could only be a credentials cultured paper to Britain, where railway ride was invented, yet some fans are speculating these trains could yield possibly quick ride or a post-game couple to another region.

Stuff of legends: Another visible curtsy to Britain comes in a form of a geoglyph, seen below. It could be a pointless manlike shape, yet it’s doubtful to meant nothing. I’m guessing it has something to do with a mythological Pokemon in Sword and Shield. 

Whatever that thing depicts, it could substantially swing both a sword and a shield. Think about it.


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