Pokemon Sun/Moon Anime Bringing Back Two Fan-Favorite Characters

Despite being mainstays of a Pokemon anime during a tallness of a popularity, it has been years given Ash’s friends Brock and Misty have seemed in a series. While it seems puzzled a dual will ever play a distinguished purpose in a anime again, a fan-favorite characters will during slightest make a brief coming in an arriving two-part special.

As suggested by Japanese repository Telubi-kun (via Pokemon fan site Serebii), Ash and Pikachu will lapse home to a Kanto segment for a propagandize plan in an arriving span of episodes in a Sun and Moon anime. While there, a dual will accommodate adult with their former roving companions Brock and Misty. According to a magazine, Ash will even conflict his aged friends during a two-part special, and this time they’ll have some absolute new Pokemon on their particular teams: Brock’s Onix is now a Mega Steelix, while Misty has a Mega Gyarados.

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The dual episodes atmosphere in Japan on Sep 14 and Sep 21. However, as a English array is distant behind a Japanese one, it will still be a while nonetheless before a episodes atmosphere in a West.

This year outlines a 20th anniversary of a Pokemon anime series. To commemorate a milestone, a 20th Pokemon film, Pokemon: we Choose You, will receive a singular melodramatic run in name countries this fall. The film retells Ash’s beginning days as a Pokemon Trainer and his initial confront with Pikachu, though it will usually be in theaters for dual days: Nov 5-6. Tickets and venue sum will be common on Fathom Events’ website.

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