Pokemon Sun & Moon tutor Selene removing a poetic Figma

Comes with… umm… Owlball and… Satancat

This weekend, Good Smile Company suggested a latest Figma in their Pokemon range. Next in line is tutor Selene, star of a arriving Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon games, releasing on 3DS subsequent month.

The super-cute figurine comes with an swap face plate, a preference of hands, a musty shoulder bag, Poke round and, many importantly, a game’s starting Pokemon; Rowlet, Popplio and Litten. Everything a gal needs to bust out her best Z-moves on your bookshelf.

Scheduled for recover in May 2018, Selene is accessible for pre-order now during Pokemon Center, labelled during $60. Pre-orders tighten Nov 29.

Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon launches on Nintendo 3DS Nov 17.

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