‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Preview Highlights Brock And Misty’s Return

As many Pokémon fans have already listened and seen, dual of the-the series’ favorite characters have done their lapse to a anime. This was a initial time Brock and Misty, Ash’s strange comrades in a series, seem in a Pokémon Sun Moon charcterised TV show. The span is creation their earnings as guest in dual episodes, that did atmosphere on Sep 14 and will atmosphere again with another new part showcasing a dual on Sep 21st.

In a episodes, Ash and Pikachu lapse to Kanto, where they initial came from, for a propagandize plan with a dual afterwards bumping into their aged friends Brock and Misty. In addition, a hide look of a dual episodes for Sun Moon has been expelled and we can watch it in a video below.

The voice singer of Misty, Mayumi Lizuka, was anxious with a characters lapse to a series, as were many Pokémon fans who are enjoying Sun Moon. However, this is not a Brock and Misty Pokémon fans grew adult with, as a dual have had a vital face-lift. Although, that is approaching as each impression had a change in character in this new series. Some fans have been opposite a animation of a latest series, however, many are only happy to see a delay of Ash and Pikachu’s story, with Brock and Misty now fasten in again.


So distant Pokémon Sun Moon has been a success, as was a video diversion that was expelled progressing underneath a same title. The games happened to be some of Nintendo’s fastest offered games ever, with over 14.6 million copies sole worldwide given a finish of 2016. Pokémon Sun Moon is a series’ seventh generation, with a anime and a games being expelled to applaud a successful franchises 20th anniversary.

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by Peter Tseros
| Sep 16, 2017

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