Pokemon Sun & Moon: Hoenn Region Mega Stones Available

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you’re an owners of Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’re in fitness since there are 5 new Mega Stones accessible giveaway of assign for you. The Mega Stones are accessible for Pokemon found in a Hoenn Region, that was featured in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Those enclosed Pokemon are Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt and Banette.

These Pokemon aren’t accessible anywhere in Sun and Moon so you’ll have to use a Pokemon Bank underline on your Nintendo 3DS if we wish to move these Pokemon brazen into Sun and Moon and get use out of these Mega Stones.

Like Mega Stone giveaways in a past, you’ll have to use a special formula to clear them. The formula is MATSUBUSA and Nintendo laid out a steps you’ll have to do to use this code, in box we forgot.

  1. Select Mystery Gift on a categorical menu.
  2. Select Receive Gift.


  3. Select Get with Code/Password, afterwards Yes, and afterwards Yes again to bond to a Internet.


  4. Enter your special code.


  5. Watch as we accept a Mega Stones.


  6. Speak to a smoothness chairman in any Pokémon Center to collect adult your Mega Stones.


  7. Be certain to save your game.

Once we do this, a Mega Stones will be in your register and you’ll only have to send a Pokemon over to your diversion and you’re all set.

During a new Pokemon Direct progressing this month, Nintendo and Game Freak denounced dual new games – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – dual games designed to be extended ports of Sun and Moon. The dual games will still take place in a Alola Region though will underline some new Pokemon and code new story.

During E3 this year, Nintendo and Game Freak also announced that a new “core” Pokemon RPG was in growth for a Nintendo Switch. Whether this is Pokemon Stars or not stays to be seen, though Amazon seems convinced already (or during slightest was).

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June 25, 2017 12:37 pm

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