Pokémon Sun & Moon – Forbidden Light has a giveaway Mini Collector’s Album

A new Pokemon TCG set, Forbidden Light, is bringing with it a giveaway Mini Collector’s Album.

A new Pokémon TCG set has released, Pokémon Sun Moon: Forbidden Light. This new set includes 146 cards and includes Pokémon from a Kalos Region and Pokemon-GX introducing Pokémon like Ultra Necrozma. Th applaud a release, The Pokémon Company are giving divided giveaway Mini Collector’s Albums during comparison stores.

This offer is disdainful to UK TCG players. You can revisit a Smyths or Waterstones to collect adult your Forbidden Light Mini Collector’s Album for free. This offer has singular supplies, so get out there and collect yours adult before they run out.

With a recover of a new set, a label manuscript gives we somewhere protected to store your new cards. Forbidden Light adds all sorts of new cards for players to collect and battle with. There are new tutor cards featuring things characters like Bonnie and Diantha, and quirkier ones such as a Metal Frying Pan.

Prism Star Cards

This set also adds a absolute new form of label – Prism Star cards. These are so absolute that we can usually have one of any (five in total) in your deck. You can mark these cards by their Prism Star pitch subsequent to a card’s name and they embody Pokémon, Trainers and Special Energy cards. There is one on a Mythical Pokémon Volcanion, Diancie, and Arceus, as good as a Lysandre Trainer label and finally an appetite label for your Ultra Beasts called Beast Energy.  

Players can collect adult Sun Moon – Forbidden Light Theme Decks. There is a Tropical Deck featuring Alolan Exeggutor, and a Tropical Deck featuring Lycanroc. Each rug has a possess strategies and Pokémon, and they are a good introduction to a Pokémon TCG and Forbidden Light set. There is also a Sun Moon – Forbidden Light Elite Trainer Box that comes with all kinds of goodies including: label sleeves, Ultra Necrozma, dice, condition markers, upholder packs and most more.

Are we a TCG player? Have we been looking brazen to a Sun Moon – Forbidden Light set? Drop a criticism next and let us know what we think.


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