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Back in April, Marshadow, a new mythological Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon was revealed. While we do not have a North American or European placement date for a impression yet, we do know all about a abilities and special moves, interjection to an refurbish during a official website.



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Gloomdweller Pokémon



48.9 lbs.

Technician creates a pierce who’s energy is 60 or reduction 50% some-more powerful.

Known as a Gloomdweller Pokémon, a Mythical Pokémon Marshadow conceals itself in a shadows. It never appears before humans, so a really existence is a things of myth. Marshadow sinks into a shadows of others, and is means to duplicate their movements and power.

Marshadow is a really discreet Pokémon. It sinks into shadows and observes what is going on around it in such a approach that no one else will notice it. This might be a reason because is so frequency seen.

Among a countless Pokémon detected to date, Marshadow is remarkably a initial to mix Fighting form and Ghost type. Even per a types, Marshadow is an intensely singular Pokémon. Fighting-type Pokémon are customarily unsuitable in conflict opposite Psychic-type Pokémon, though now you’ll be means to take advantage of Marshadow’s Ghost form to conflict effectively!


Apparently, Marshadow behaves in special ways when it comes to regulating moves. When it uses moves, quite signature moves like Spectral Thief, it will spin green. Spectral Thief steals an opponent’s stat boosts, afterwards attacks. The Marshadium Z Z-Crystal turns Spectral Thief into a Soul Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move. In this move, Marshadow starts out in a trainer’s shadow, afterwards leaps out to lambaste enemies. 


Pokémon Sun and Moon are accessible for a Nintendo 3DS. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will come to a Nintendo 3DS on Nov 17, 2017.

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